It took a DVD, rhinestones and made a brilliant hack

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear friends!

We have already made from the DVD disc various crafts, and today another shining artifact of the disc and rhinestones. Which can be done in half an hour or a little longer. Absolutely nothing complicated, and can be repeated almost anyone.

we have used for the manufacture of handicrafts:

· DVD drive 1 piece;

· Self-adhesive film;

· Plastic crystals;

· Hot glue.

This is all you need for the job!

Self-adhesive films are often sold in DIY stores, in the department of wallpaper. Rhinestones buy in the store for all sewing. They are plastic and very cheap, less than a ruble apiece.

Step 1.

To DVD film pasted on both sides and cut off the excess.

Step 2.

At the edge of the disk, in a circle, spread pastes and glue them with hot glue.

The first round of stuck, move on.

Step 3.

Glue the second round rhinestones. Sticking staggered.

Be careful with hot glue, crystals are not large and there is a chance to burn your fingers.

Step 4.

In the center we put a small flat candle and glue the last circle of rhinestones.

Step 5.

Almost ready!

We put in the center of the electronic candle on batteries. But, you can use a real candle, on the condition that you will always be in the same room. Since all of the plastic, there is a small probability that the artifact can be kindled. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT SAFETY

Was brilliant, even, perhaps, Christmas candle holder.

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Thanks a lot!