The idea of ​​the decoration of plastic spoons and cardboard

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear readers of my channel!

I want to offer you a simple decor idea of ​​plastic spoons. Decor with your hands to make downtime not very expensive. Just a couple of hours can make the decorations and hang it on the wall.

For the manufacture of decor is necessary:

· Disposable plastic spoon (about 120-125 pieces)

· Corrugated cardboard;

· Marker, scissors;

· Plate, mug;

· Hot glue;

· Paint in cans;

· Wine Stopper, a piece of jute twine.

We have a circle of cardboard to receive a certain size, therefore, and so many spoonfuls (about 120 pieces). If you have a range of different size, and the number of spoons changed.

Step 1.

By putting a cardboard plate and outlines its marker. In the center of the circle to put more mug and also outlines. Cut.

We had a large circle with a diameter of 18 cm., And a small 11 cm.

Step 2.

We begin to glue the spoon on a cardboard circle. Glue so that the spoons were right next to each other.

Then after one has pasted one on top of the spoon.

Step 3.

On the back side glue loop of twine jute. On top of loops pasted a piece of a wine cork. This is to ensure that a loop has not fallen off.

Step 4.

At 58 spoons (you may have a different number) cut off the handle. Spoons are a little crack, but it's not terrible.

Step 5.

Paint the entire structure of blue paint from a container. Just paint the cut spoons.

Step 6.

Circumcised spoons sticking like a flower in the center of the circle.

Step 7.

Wrapping cloth all except spoons flower. Tinted flower a little white paint from a container.

Inlay ready, it can be hung on a wall.

Look what we have done decor:

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