Pretty vase of plastic containers

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, dear readers!

Today we will do a pretty vase of plastic containers and other materials. Vase with his hands to do is not difficult, and expensive materials will be required.

vases needed for the manufacture of:

· Plastic container of detergent or rinse aid;

· Conventional napkins and napkin sandwich;

· The printed image, what you like;

· Sandpaper (nulevka);

· Solvent;

· PVA glue;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic varnish.

If you are doing needlework and do different crafts, most of the materials you exactly there. And if you are far from needlework and do not understand why this is, you just pass by, do not waste your time.

Step 1.

With plastic containers remove labels. Sandpaper are passed across the tank and its wipe solvent or nail polish remover.

Step 2.

Printed image tearing his hands, it was handed. So it will not be visible transitions. Glue the picture on the PVA glue.

Step 3.

PVA glue dilute with water to 1 1mu. Wipes tear into small pieces and glue Mnemonic.

It turns out interesting, wrinkled texture.

Step 4.

Any three-ply napkin cut into strips of width approximately 2-3 cm. Towel moistened in water and wring out. Strip napkins laid on a wet towel, a little wet, and twist the flagella.

Step 5.

PVA glue put on container and glue flagella of napkins. You can make a pattern which you like best.

Step 6.

It took about 12 hours, dry wipes and flagella, they can now be painted. The first layer was applied white acrylic paint. Left to dry for an hour.

Step 7.

After the white paint has dried, a little purple and struck at the end of bronze.

Step 8.

Cover with acrylic lacquer.

The vase is ready, can be used for other purposes.

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I hope you liked the vase?

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