How do any of Scotch stencil for decor

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

I want to share with you an interesting and simple way, how to make a stencil with your hands from the tape. You can make absolutely any template, which is convenient to use.

I have often used such homemade stencils, they showed themselves very well in the work. A huge plus is that you can make a template with the pleasant design, and for 20-30 minutes.

For the manufacture of the stencil, you will need:

· Printer (optional);

· A wide tape;

· Scissors and stationery knife.

If you have no printer, no problem! You can upload files to a USB flash drive and print a few rubles, where they make a photocopy or print photos.

Someone makes these stencils of thick file or an X-ray, but you must admit, is not always the materials at hand. A tape can be bought in any supermarket.

The cost price of the 1st stencil is (will assume the maximum):

· Printing - 3-5 rubles;

· Scotch spent RUR 5;

· 1 blade knife - 5 rubles;

Total: 1 stencil no more than 15 rubles.

This stencil can be used for decoration of various artefacts or even walls.

Step 1.

Go to the Internet, Yandex or Google Images pictures. In the search bar, I dialed "stencil patterns," you can play with words and the result will be different.

I choose your favorite patterns and saved to your computer. Printed on the printer.

Step 2.

I cut off the excess paper and began to cover the tape.

I glued one layer of adhesive tape on each side. If you want to make a stencil thicker should stick 4-5 layers on each side.

Adhesive tape should be glued carefully, that would not formed folds. And, do not allow the formation of bubbles under the tape. In general, do not rush!

I got here such piece.

Step 3.

Now we cut the pattern itself. To do this, insert the new blade knife stationery. Carefully, slowly, cut out the pattern. If the knife started badly cut, break off a piece of the blade. The knife should always be sharp, while no difficulty.

Here is what I got after cutting. It is not difficult as it may seem, I did it the first time and I have all at once turned.

Step 4.

Now's try stencils to use. I threw up a little construction putty and took a couple of pieces of drywall.

Put the stencil on drywall and struck putty, remove the excess and raised stencil.

It turned out great! I'm happy with the result. The thickness of the filler pattern turned about 1 mm.

That's all, stencils ready and tried.

Water such stencils are not afraid, you can safely wash water.

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Thank you for attention!