Pot of sand and cement in the form of hands

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello friends!

That is another garden hack, of course, the season has ended, but under the last article, the comments are very requested more workshops on horticultural crafts.

Today we will do hands-pots of sand and cement. Many have written comments in Youtube below the video, such as: "Fu, like severed hands" or "how disgusting ..." and the like. Personally, I do not understand what the problem is these people? It's just a pot of cement, take it easy!

If you do not like to do with your hands and you do not like this thing, just walk past this master class. Thanks.

we have used for the manufacture of the pot:

· The usual career or river sand;

· Cement type M 400;

· Basin, scoop water;

· Scissors;

· Thick rubber gloves;

· Spray-painted gold.

Pots for the garden can be done in less than an hour, only have to wait until the sand cement dries.

Step 1.

In a plastic basin pour 2 parts sand to 1 part cement. For example, 6 scoops of sand and cement 3 scoop. Mix well all dry. Adding water little by little and knead the solution. The solution need not too thick, but not liquid.

Step 2.

Rubber gloves ready to fill with a solution, carefully ramming that would not remain voids. Be careful not to tear the glove.

Step 3.

Puts stuffed glove solution in the bowl, attach the correct position and put a stone at her. Leave to dry for 2 days.

Step 4.

After 2 days, cut gloves and extract flowerpots. We took out carefully, otherwise you may break your fingers, as was the case with us.

But if you still have a broken finger, do not worry, they can be easily stuck on a solution.

Moistened with water pot and fingers, and is pasted on the sand and cement mortar. In the field of hand lifting do a side of the solution. Leave to dry for another 24 hours.

Step 5.

Paint pots from a container. We paint the gold, but you can use any color completely.

Flowerpots, hands ready, you can not put finicky flowers with shallow roots.

The result was a very interesting and unusual decor for the garden.

Look what we have done flowerpots

Flowerpot garden of sand and cement

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Thank you very much!