Decorative vase from cans

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, dear friends!

And let's make a decorative vase of cans? Cans - waste is a good material for a variety of crafts and DIY. And in today's master class will show you how to make a vase.

Vase decorative, dry bouquets and compositions. But, in principle, since the bottom of the bank remained intact, you can try to pour water, only gently.

For the manufacture of vases, you will need:

· Cans;

· Newspapers and napkins;

· A wide tape;

· Brush;

· Multiple beads;

· PVA glue and hot glue;

· The bones of plums or other fruit;

· Acrylic paint and acrylic paint.

We vase consists of three cans, but can be made of two, four or more. But if you do bowl of more than three cans, you will need to burden a vase.

Step 1.

Two cans we removed the bottom. 3 cans affixed using a wide tape.

Step 2.

Pasted future vase newspaper strips into 2 layers. Pasted on the PVA. We left for 24 hours before the glue dries.

Step 3.

When the paper dried up, began to glue tissues. On vase PVA glue is applied diluted with water 1: 1. Mnemonic napkin and attached to the vase on top of another to get wet glue.

The result is a very cool texture. Dry the vase for another 24 hours.

Step 4.

At the end of the day we begin to decorate the vase. Glue bead and around the pits from plums that would make a flower.

We do 5-7 of flowers, and another was stuck in between two beads.

Step 5.

Paint vase light green acrylic paint.

When the ink layer is dried out (1-2 hours), causes little bronze color.

At the end, a fine brush, tinted white flowers.

Step 6.

Paint has dried well, now covers acrylic paint.

Here is ready a bowl of tin cans.

And we did a bunch of dry grass, just paint it white from a container.

But what else do we have vases of different materials:

Cool vase out of the bottle and beads

Vases 3 of the boxes from milk

Vase from a bottle and eggshell

Give us your opinion whether you like this vase?

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