Steep hours with backlight from the plate and dominoes

  • Dec 28, 2019

Everyone, Hello, dear friends!

Today will show you how to make a wall clock from a vinyl record, dominoes and other materials. Watches make a very simple and this activity does not take much time. I will try to describe in detail all the steps with photos so you understand as much as possible.

I'll tell you where you can buy all the necessary materials for the manufacture of watches. And also count for how much you can make a watch.

The materials that I used:

· Most vinyl;

· Cheap clock mechanism or separately;

· Domino;

· Sandpaper, a knife;

· Superglue, hot glue;

· Nail polish;

· LED Strip Light;

· The switch, the battery, the battery box, wiring;

· Caps from plastic bottles;

· Thick thread.

And now calculate how much I spent on materials. Will be considered upon spending, that is, if you spend 1 meter LED strip, then consider Budo 1 meter, but not the whole.

1. Vinyl record - 20 rubles. You can buy at a flea market or from online flea market. different prices, from 20 rubles to 100 or more, and if the plate is slightly scratched, then all can be bought for 10 rubles.

2. Clockwork costs about $ 100, with large arrows. You can buy it on Aliekspress.

3. domino I bought for 80 rubles a stationery.

4. Superglue and hot glue It spent approximately 20 rubles.

5. varnish you can borrow for the wife, sister or mother. And if you buy a watch movement with the white arrows, the varnish is not needed.

6. LED Strip Light a maximum of 1 meter - 50 rubles. I bought in the construction market, which sells lighting equipment.

7. Switch, battery (crown), the wiring and the battery box - 100 rubles. I buy at electronics store.

I spent a total of about 370 - 400 rubles.

Even if you throw another $ 100, you get 500. Given that this is exclusive, original watches, which no one will - it's not expensive.

This is my opinion, you may think otherwise. Write in the comments your opinion, I'm very interested to hear it.

Step 1.

A piece of sandpaper rolled in a rigid tube and a little pierce a hole in the plate. And the mechanism fails. After everything is fine boring come.

Step 2.

Domino stuck to the plate. I wanted to glue onto the hot glue, but knock on it, for some reason, very poorly kept. Stuck on superglue. The number of dots on the dominoes, respectively - are numbers.

Step 3.

Arrows painted white nail polish, and even arrows and black plate, merge.

Step 4.

I measured out the right amount of LED strip, cut off and checked.

Step 5.

Glued to the plate switch.

Stuck in a circle of 10 caps from plastic bottles. And on to the lids stuck tape.

And secure to hot glue the battery box.

Step 6.

Now you need to connect everything to work. Drew simple circuit as connected a battery, switch and tape.

Soldering at hand was not, therefore, all connected to the stranding. I checked on fire!

Step 7.

Glued to the two covers of a thick thread on which the clock will hang on the wall.

Step 8.

Established a mechanism in place and wiped the plate with wet wipes.

All ready to watch, you can hang on the wall.

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