Hanging pots from the plastic bottle. Make a very simple

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Today make pots for flowers from plastic bottles and hot glue. We have been doing different crafts made of plastic bottles, but in this master class will talk specifically about pots. Plastic bottles - a waste material from which to make a lot of interesting things.

The big request to those people who are far from needlework and that everything is easier to buy, please pass by, you do not need it. Thanks!

It turned out hanging pots, which can be mounted on the wall and place the flower.

For the manufacture of pots you will need:

· Plastic bottle 5 liters;

· The knife, scissors, a marker;

· Solvent or nail polish remover;

· Hot glue;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic lacquer.

Planters can be made with their own hands for 1-2 hours, and mounted on a wall.

According to my calculations, on pots we spent about 40-50 rubles.

Step 1.

Cut the plastic bottle, as shown in the photo. Not necessary to repeat exactly as we do, you can think of its shape.

We get this a form.

Step 2.

Wipe solvent bottle or nail polish remover to degrease.

Step 3.

Apply hot glue patterns, how do you tell a fantasy.

If you have a strong powerful glue gun, it is necessary to apply hot glue carefully and slowly, otherwise the bottle may pokorezhit.

So ka pots will be hanging on the wall at the bottom is also applied a pattern of adhesive.

Step 4.

For painting, you can use any colors which you like the best. We painted purple and slightly shaded by dark blue.

Step 5.

One hour after the paint coated with acrylic lacquer.

Pots ready, you can hang on the wall.

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