Under the old bronze pots of plaster bandage and ball

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello friends!

Today I want to show you what can be done from a plaster bandage, ball and other materials. This decorative vase. Plaster bandage - this is an excellent, inexpensive material for various craft projects. All materials that are used in this master class, readily available and not expensive.

If you are doing needlework, then you can always find the right materials for this crafts. And if there is something you can always buy more.

If you are interested in the topic of handicrafts and crafts, I beg you, just pass by, you will not be interested.

Necessary materials:

· Bandage plaster (sold in the pharmacy);

· Children's inflatable ball;

· Stationery knife, scissors, paint brushes;

· Newspaper;

· A piece of corrugated cardboard;

· Napkins;

· Hotmelt, PVA adhesive (carpenter);

· Pea dry;

· Disposable plastic cup;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic water-based lacquer.

Step 1.

Plaster bandage cut into small pieces. Stuck on the ball in 2-3 layers. Just putting a dry piece of bandage to the ball and moisten the top with water using a brush.

Leave to dry for 12 hours, then extract the bead.

Step 2.

From a plastic cup cut off the top part. It turns the ring width of about 2 cm.

Step 3.

Glue ring preform to the gypsum to hot glue. Then glue the cardboard and cut off the excess.

Step 4.

Where is the top of the vase outline the range and cut the desired bandage.

Step 5.

From newspaper strips 3 cm wide weave braid. The strips were wetted with water, the better to braid. Leave to dry for a couple of hours pigtail.

Glue braid from the newspaper on the neck.

Step 6.

Take the usual napkins, tear to pieces, Mnemonic, and glue on a vase. Glue so as to obtain the texture of crumpled napkins. For gluing use PVA glue diluted with half water.

Step 7.

On paper, draw a heart and cut it - it will be the template. Applying it to the vase and outlines. Just add another line, as you wish, as you tell a fantasy.

Step 8.

Napkins cut into strips about 3 cm wide. On the table, put a wet towel on it to get wet strip of cloth and twisting in the flagellum. Screw these pieces 10-15 flagella, can be a little more.

Step 9.

Apply on the pattern of PVA glue, convenient to use the vial with a thin nose. Flagella and paste of napkins, direct wet. Paste the entire vase.

Step 10.

Glue halves of dry peas in different places, in its sole discretion. We reserve the vase for 12 hours, that would be all dried up.

Step 11.

Paint with black paint, inside and out. When the black paint has dried, pass the purple paint by dry brush. And in the end cover with bronze paint, too, the method of dry brush.

Step 12.

When the paint has dried, we put acrylic paint, both inside and outside.

Decorative vase of plaster bandage and ball ready!

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Thank you very much!