Snowman sock without sewing. Christmas crafts

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, my dear friends!

"New Year is coming to get drunk again!" Just kidding, just kidding! πŸ˜€πŸ˜The approach of the New Year holidays - it is an occasion to start making Christmas crafts. And today we will be making a snowman sock "5 minutes" without using sewing. Snowman with his hands turns out very nice and festive.

you will need for the manufacture of a snowman:

1. White socks for adults;

2. Gum stationery;

3. Any rice;

4. A piece of red tissue;

5. Hot glue;

6. Scissors, buttons, beads;

7. Glitter (optional).

Look at this workshop and learn how to make a snowman in a matter of minutes.

What would make it easier to navigate the parts of a sock, that visual image.

Step 1.

White sock cut into pieces, as shown in the photo. The toe and heel are not necessary, they can be removed immediately. We need only the main part of the nose and the upper part.

Step 2.

Take the main part of the nose and over-tighten one side of the rubber band to get a bag.

Step 3.

We gut-wrenching bag and fill with rice. Fill almost to the full, leaving little space that you could drag a rubber band. The result was a bag filled with rice and tied with two sides.

Step 4.

Compresses the resulting bag with rice roughly in the middle to divide it into 2 parts. Overtighten the band. One part of a little less - is the head of a snowman, and the second part by more - this body.

Step 5.

From the top of the sock and cut off half the one hand contractible elastic. The result was a hat for a snowman. We put it on his head (well, not on its course, and a snowman). 😊

Step 6.

From bright red fabric strips 2 cut width of about 2 cm. The first strip is fastened on top of the cap, where the gum and the second tied with a snowman in the neck - it will be a scarf. The edges of the scarf cut into thin strips.

Step 7.

In place of the eyes and nose glue beads on a hot glue.

Step 8.

On cap can be stuck something decorative, but on the body of a snowman couple of buttons.

Even if you wish you can sprinkle a little snowman sparkles. But it if he would just stand there, for example, under the tree. And if with it will play the children, do not use the sparkles.

Snowman sock is ready! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŽ„

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