Cool vase out of the bottle and beads

  • Dec 28, 2019

I greet all of you, dear readers!

About a year ago we created a vase out of the bottle and beads. Today I decided to write a master class, as we have done and what materials were used. The vase was very interesting and not the usual. Of the store, I did not see.

If you do not do crafts and needlework, and you are not interested in this topic, do not stay here, do not waste your time reading.

Make a vase is not difficult, a little patience and you will succeed!

For manufacturing you will need:

· Glass bottle with a wide neck (usually from the juice or wine);

· Carpenter PVA glue;

· Acrylic paint of any color (here white);

· Nail polish remover;

· Foam, a pencil, a small brush;

· Thin lace, about 2-3mm in diameter;

· Beads of different colors;

· The aerosol paint in the can.

Immediately I foresee a question: "Seed is very expensive!". Yes and no. Of course there are expensive beads of good quality, but this is not needed for this work. Buy the cheapest, can be even a little defective, krivenky, kosenky.

For example, we do not buy high-quality beads for about 200 rubles per half a kilogram. This regiment will last for several vases. Look, you have in the city, too, must be such.

Step 1.

With the bottle remove all labels and stickers. Wipe nail polish remover and acrylic paint.

Paint will serve as a primer layer on which draws well pencil and good adhesive grasped hereinafter.

Step 2.

When the paint is dry, draw a pencil line and patterns, which will come into your head.

Step 3.

PVA glue is convenient to use in a bottle with a sharp nose. Apply glue to the lines and glue lace. Leave to dry for 3 h.

Step 4.

Pour glue on the bottle brush smeared and sprinkled with beads. Use your fingers to gently press down the beads. Thus the beads fill all the gaps between the laces. Color your pick, at the discretion of.

Step 5.

Likewise, glue beads on the neck of the bottle and the lower part.

Step 6.

Varnish from a container sheltering vase in 2-3 layers with intervals on dry lacquer 20-30 minutes. Lac strengthen and protect the beads from fraying.

That's it, the vase is ready, you can pour the water and put the flowers.

Look what we have done vases:

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