How to make a pillow without sewing

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, dear readers of my channel!

How to make a pillow without threads and needles, without sewing? Very simple! Pillow can make yourself for an hour or two and start to enjoy. Pillow can be used for its intended purpose or as a decorative.

It can be carefully washed in a machine mode or delicate wash hands.

For the manufacture of airbags were used:

• Knitted fabric (you can use an old T-shirt);

• Sintepon or hollofayber;

• Scissors, meter, shallow;

• What kind of a big circle (eg, the cover of a large pot);

Step 1.

Spread a cloth layer 2 on the table, put more cover from the pan (or something else) and small bars of soap or outline the range.

Step 2.

Cut a circle of fabric. We note from the outer edge of the circle 4 cm in the center. And outlines. The result was a circle of smaller diameter.

Step 3.

Every cut into strips 1 cm from the outer side of the circle to the inner circle scribed.

Step 4.

Node 2 is fastened on the strip between the upper and lower circles. We reserve the last pieces 5 not fastened.

Step 5.

We thrust in to get cover or hollofayber sintepon. To tie the remaining strips.

The pillow is ready, you can use!

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