Easy Christmas Crafts from cans

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear lovers of needlework!

Now is the time to do Christmas crafts, and today will show you how to make snowflakes from aluminum cans. They do it is very simple, only need to be careful with this stuff and do not cut your hands.

This snowflake can be hung on the tree, it will look very interesting and beautiful.

For the manufacture of snowflakes we used:

· Aluminum cans of drinks;

· Scissors, pen;

· Coin;

· Hot glue;

· The sheet of copy paper;

· Self-adhesive Rhinestones;

· Jute twine.

Before you begin, pour the drink residues from a jar, he's always, rinse with water and dry. Otherwise, by cutting banks soak table.

Step 1.

The banks cut off the top and bottom, we need only the central part of the banks.

Step 2.

On office paper draw leaves of different sizes and cut them.

Step 3.

Putting a paper leaves on the metal and describes a handle. Cut 6 large and 6 small leaves.

Step 4.

Putting a coin on the aluminum sheet, and cut outline. This will be a central part of the snowflakes.

Step 5.

Handle Burst streaks on leaves. And just as we do on the circuit. Now the leaves are more rigid and will not be twisted.

Step 6.

To the central circle of glue around 6 large leaves on the hot glue.

Then, on top of the first row of glue small pieces in a checkerboard pattern.

Step 7.

In the center of a large strazinu glue and a few minor across the snowflake.

Step 8.

On the back side glue snowflakes loop of twine jute. You can use any thick filament.

Snowflakes are ready, you can hang on the Christmas tree.

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