Puppets with their hands out of socks

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello readers of my channel!

Two years ago, we made a few dolls from socks. On YouTube this video has gained more than 8 million views and nearly 100,000 likes! In general, people like these dolls and why I decided to make a step by step wizard class.

All painted in detail step by step and put the photo, and in the end will still and video.

we used for the manufacture of dolls:

· Colored socks and white socks;

· Filling silicone or another;

· Threads with a needle and beads;

· Marker.

Sew doll is quite simple and will not take much of your time.

Step 1.

Take one sock of the pair and cut it at the heel as shown.

Step 2.

The lower part of the nose and gut-wrenching folded in half lengthwise and cut a few centimeters toe along the fold line. Slightly clipped rounding the resulting 2 protrusions.

Step 3.

Cut sew the toe so that would have turned 2 doll legs. The result was a doll torso with two legs.

Step 4.

Gut-wrenching and fill the body with silicone filling and sew up the upper part, where it will head.

Step 5.

Take the upper part of the sock, which we cut off in Step 1, a gut-wrenching and sew in a bun cut in place. Not where gum. The result was a hat for a doll.

Step 6.

Cut just below the white sock heel. We fill the lower part of the silicon filler and sutured. I get the ball - is the head of the doll.

Step 7.

Sew head to the body. And put on a cap, which is made earlier. On the neck stretch the heel cut out from the very first sock. This is scarf, which will hide the seam of the head to the body.

Step 8.

That body dolls, retreating slightly from the edges are stitched with thread. Obtained arms close to the body like hands in his pockets.

Step 9.

On the face of the marker will mark where the eyes and nose. Sew beads on eye position. Black thread embroider mouth.

Doll is ready. In the same way, and the others did.

If you do not understand, look at the video workshop.

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Thank you!