Pape Art for beginners. Flagella of napkins

  • Dec 28, 2019

Good day, dear friends!

Today I want to present to your attention Pape Art lesson for beginners. Technique Pape Art - it flagella of napkins, which is lined with either a pattern. And napkins are suitable not only for wiping hands, but also to create beautiful works.

For technology-Pape Art you will need:

· Three-layer tissue (often sold in supermarkets);

· PVA glue (better carpenter);

· Scissors, pencil, towel;

· An item that you want to decorate (for example, a cardboard box).

Step 1.

Towel moistened in water and wring out well, that would not have flowed from it. Napkins were cut into strips of 1-3 cm. Figure napkin does not matter.

Step 2.

Spreads strips, we need all 3 layers. Spread on a table wet towel.

Step 3.

Take one strip of cloth and put on a wet towel. It is easy to press down hands that have soaked paper. Take the strip in hand and begin to twist in the flagellum.

Step 4.

Take any object (cardboard box, and then make a box) that we want to decorate pencil and draw a pattern, which comes to mind, or you can spy on the Internet.

Step 5.

PVA glue are passed on a drawn pattern. Convenient to use a bottle with a sharp nose. We poured it PVA carpenter.

Step 6.

We begin to be laid directly on the glue of our flagella, clutching his hand.

We get this a simple flower.

Step 7.

After completely stuck pattern and it you are completely satisfied, leave for an hour, that would be the glue grabbed. Then, a soft brush cover pattern PVA glue diluted with water 50 to 50.

If you have not used flagella, do not worry. Let them dry, then put them somewhere. When you start again to do this technique, simply soak the flagella and they are ready for use again.

In this lesson is over, I hope you had fun and all is clear.

Here are a few works in this technique (the work of different authors).

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And thank you!