We took an old sweater and make 3 useful things for the house

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

I recently wrote an article, what you can do useful from an old umbrellaOr rather of cloth from him. The article is very pleased to readers today, I want to offer you 3 ideas that can be drawn from the old, boring sweater.

Surely you have lying around the sweater, which is already stretched or lost appearance. Which already do not want to wear and throw away, like as it is a pity. It's time to give the sweater a second life!

To implement the ideas we used 3:

· Old knitted sweater;

· Scissors, iron, remnant, ruler, sewing meter;

· Yarn, needles;

· Dublerin;

· Lining;

· Waistband tape;

· Several large buttons;

· Lightning;

· Insoles.

3 ideas are quite different. From the more complex to the very simple.

The first idea, bag.

Step 1.

From sweaters cut off the main part.

Step 2.

Gut-wrenching part of the cut and use the iron glue dublerin.

Step 3.

Draw a line and sewn by hand or with a sewing machine.

After that sews the corners and cut off the excess.

That's how we turned out.

Step 4.

Cut the ribbon waistband desired length and sew a bag.

Step 5.

For decorative use large buttons.

Step 6.

Lining sewn inside of the bag with pockets.

Step 7.

Put the lining inside and sew it together with a zipper.

Bag of sweaters ready!

The second idea, socks for the home.

Step 1.

From all of the same sweater sleeves cut off.

Step 2.

Gut-wrenching them and at the place where it was shoulder sew insole. Sewn on a typewriter, and a gut-wrenching.

All warm socks for the house ready!

The third idea, Warmer for mugs.

Step 1.

From the rest of the sweater cut a piece of the desired size.

Step 2.

We sew a couple of buttons and tabs do for them.

Step 3.

As decoration sewn flower of satin ribbon.

Warmer for clubs ready, you can use it. It can be easily removed from the cup.

Friends, what idea you like the most and write in the comments?

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