I turned the newspaper into the dust and glue added. Papier-mache like plasticine

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

I decided to experiment a bit with the manufacture of papier-mache. I usually make papier-mâché made of soft toilet paper and PVA glue, and today I will make a newspaper that ground in a "dust" in a coffee grinder and added a few ingredients.

For cooking, I use:

· Newspaper (tetrad sheet may be covered with writing);

· Coffee grinder;

· Carpenter PVA glue, I 801;

· Any detergent or soap;

· Any starch.

Massa was very flexible, like plasticine. From it is easy to sculpt anything and after drying it becomes strong as a rock. Slightly shrinks to 1.5 cm layer of about 1 mm. Unfortunately, not water-resistant, it is necessary to protect the paint and / or lacquer.

Step 1.

Narwhal paper into small pieces and began to grind in a coffee grinder. The sample did not have much, 1 small newspaper.

After the grinder paper turns loose, soft and volume.

Step 2.

I poured a small pile of milled newspaper, poured some white glue and sprinkled on top of another paper. Thoroughly mix the dust with glue until, until the mixture has almost ceased to stick to hands. If the mass is still clinging to the hands, then added a little dry paper.

Step 3.

He put a lump in a plastic bag for 10 minutes, that would be a good paper soaked in glue.

Step 4.

After 10 minutes, he pulled out of the package and added mass "by eye" detergent. It gave plasticity and completely excluded from sticking to your hands.

Step 5.

I poured a little starch, and started to dip into it a ball and mix it. Thoroughly knead for about 5 minutes, constantly adding little starch. Starch fortress give even greater plasticity of papier-mache.

Step 6.

I made from the finished weight of pieces of different thickness and shape. Plastic mass so that from it can form a layer less than 1 mm. Molded very easily and does not break.

Everything is ready, and now a few more words. Drying 1-3 days or more, depending on product thickness and the temperature of the medium. To accelerate the drying can be dried in an oven at a temperature of 50-60 degrees.

The finished dried product can be sawed, drilled, painted, sharpening, etc. Papier-mâché to make the hands of the newspapers in the result is black.

Tried to break arms, layer 1 and 2 mm were broken with no strong pressure, but the layer of 3 mm break already proved very difficult. A thicker layer, failed to break.

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