3 simple method decorative fillers. Decor for small surfaces

  • Dec 28, 2019

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I love to experiment with the filler, especially with the use of substandard materials to create interesting textured surface. Tested 3 ways, which I really liked.

Of course, the wall is hardly suitable, but for small surfaces perfectly! I, for example, by methods such decorate vases, boxes and planters.

Decor becomes quite interesting and not at all complicated.

For the manufacture of decorative textures I've used:

· The Finish building plaster gypsum-based;

· Grid floristic;

· Bubble wrap;

· Foil;

· The primer;

· Spatula;

· Rubber roller (optional);

· Acrylic paints;

· Small pieces of drywall.

Step 1.

Primed 3 pieces of drywall and left for 15 minutes until they are dry.

Step 2.

I spread a little bit of putty, not too thin, but not too thick.

Step 3.

A first embodiment using a floral mesh.

Where to buy a grid? Go to the flower shop, where they sell bouquets and ask the retailer where they purchased a home. You will definitely prompt and may even sell a piece of mesh in place. That's what I did.

I put a grid on the board and top paid putty. Well smoothed, that would not be left empty, not filled with putty places. And gently lifted the net. It turns out an interesting textured pattern than it resembles the skin of reptiles.

Step 4.

The second variant using pupyrchatoy packaging.

Inflicted on cardboard layer putty 2-3 mm and put it on the film. Laminated top film using a rubber roller with slight pressure. I leave for 1 hour, which would be a bit of putty grabbed, then removed the film.

And that's what happened. Better to choose a film from the entire bubbles without bursting, then the image will be high-quality.

Step 5.

The third embodiment using the foil.

I rewind the right amount of foil and carefully squeezed it to get a uniform wrinkled texture. Wrinkle carefully, and it is easy to tear the foil.

Apply putty to 2-3 mm, put on top of crumpled foil and laminated in the same squeegee. I leave for 1 hour.

An hour later I removed the foil and that's what happened.

Step 6.

Now we leave pieces of drywall for a few hours until the coat is completely dry.

Step 7.

You can paint as you please, I painted as follows: the first two textures of brown acrylic paint, and the third black. When the paint has dried up, walked a little bronze paint.

It was very interesting surface which, using imagination, can be applied to any artefacts.

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