5 ideas on how to make a mini flower pots

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello everybody!

Take a look at the 5 ideas on how to make a mini flower pots out of plastic bottles, cartons of milk and some other materials. Flower pots - this is good, especially if they are made with their own hands.

I used for the manufacture of pots:

· Plastic bottles, cartons of milk;

· Bandage plaster (sold in the pharmacy);

· Construction gypsum based plaster (finishing);

· PVA glue joiner;

· Marker, knife, emery paper;

· Rubber roller, normal roller;

· Floral grid (for the decoration of bouquets);

· Putty knife;

· Comb massazhka;

· Acrylic paints;

· Colera different colors;

· Acrylate lacquer on a water basis;

· Universal spray lacquer;

These are excellent ideas in your own hands, you can repeat yourself.

A first embodiment of the plastic bottles.

Step 1.

We take a plastic bottle and mark up the marker of the cut. I am taking an arbitrary size. Cut the bottle.

Step 2.

Remove the size of the cut-off portion and transferred to a plaster bandage. Bint cut into strips.

Step 3.

Paste the plaster bandage on the bottle in 2-3 layers. The plaster bandage can be bought at the pharmacy, but if this is a problem, then we can

do it yourself.

Step 4.

Cut the bandage into small pieces and glue them to the bottom of the bottle. To get a smooth cone. Allowed to dry for 2 hours.

Step 5.

The container, pour a little PVA glue, add water and stir. Pour plaster and stir thoroughly, that there were no lumps.

Step 6.

Apply the plaster on the finger next pot. It is not necessary to smooth smoothly, doing an imitation of tree bark. Fork draw little grooves and gently smooth the brush. And a little fix our fingers.

Step 7.

After 24 hours the dry plaster is now possible to drill holes or melted the water. Loop through sandpaper edenichkoy.

Step 8.

In a cup, pour a bit of acrylic paint and add the brown color and a touch of black. It turns dark brown. Paint both the pot and leave to dry for a couple of hours.

Step 9.

On cardboard poured some white acrylic paint and added Colera different colors (brown, coffee, and orange). Method of "dry brush" caused the colors to the pot. At the end of a little black walked.

What is a "method of dry brush"? This is when the object is not completely painted in the chosen color, but only slightly. Brush wetted in the ink, then the excess paint wiped off by tissue paper or almost dry and applied paint brush on bulges on the surface. Brush is better to use rigid.

Step 10.

Using the varnish from a container covered pots abundantly into 2 layers. Particular care paid varnish on the bottom.

That's done. It turned out great pots under the tree bark.

Now the rest of the options boxes of milk.

Step 1.

Mark up the box (random) and cut the unneeded portion.

Step 2.

As in the first embodiment, mark up the plaster bandage, cut and paste boxes in 2 layers.

Step 3.

As in the first embodiment, breed filler with PVA, only thinner.

Now the fun part, we will do the texture of putty.

Step 4.

Cut off from a small piece of floral mesh and attached to the box. Spreadable spatula putty and immediately remove the mesh. So do all 4 sides.

Step 5.

Prepare a rubber roller (a roller for wallpaper). Apply the plaster on one side of the box and start laminating roller.

Step 6.

Apply the plaster and conventional laminating roller.

Step 7.

Prepare a comb, massazhka. Do not be afraid to dirty his comb, then it is easy to wash off from the filler. Apply 2-3mm layer of putty on the side of the box and are passed massazhka circular motion.

Step 8.

24 hours later, when the plaster dries well, skins sandpaper.

Step 9.

Now paint the future pots. The dark brown, 2 pots in black and white in the past. Leave for an hour to dry.

Step 10.

Now, the method of "dry brush" paint pots silver color, bronze, white and black.

Step 11.

In the bottom of the hole cut through the water drain.

Step 12.

Universal cover lacquer into 2 layers. Just plot the nail on the inner surface, where the plaster bandage.

Pots ready and you can plant small flowers.

If something remains not clear, then take a look at the video:

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