3 beautiful idea of ​​recycling broken mugs

  • Dec 28, 2019

Look 3 ideas simple and beautiful scrappage broken mugs. These ideas for the home, you can create a very simple, fast and cost-effectively. If you are doing needlework, most of the necessary materials you exactly there.

For manufacturing you will need:

• Broken circles;

• Hot glue, PVA glue;

• Jute Twine, delicate ribbon;

• Decorative plastic flowers;

• Beads;

• Candles.

Idea 1.

The lower part of the cup paste Jute twine, about a quarter. Stick easily and quickly on the hot glue. If hot glue is not at hand, you can use glue "Titan", he also grasped quite quickly.

The rest of the clubs decorate small decorative artificial flowers. They are also convenient to stick to the hot glue. Make up the composition of the colors to your liking.

Universal cover crafts lacquer-spray. This varnish, which is suitable to cover anything, wood, plaster, ceramics, etc.

Here and ready our first hack. The result was a remarkable, beautiful, and most importantly exclusive organizer.

Idea 2.

Take a mug with a broken handle and flat-nose pliers remove the sharp edges.

White acrylic paint to paint the entire mug. It is convenient to use a sponge, then paint lay down evenly.

After the paint dries well (approximately 1-2 hours), it is possible to proceed to the next step. We put on a mug building PVA profusely. Paste the wide openwork band around the entire mug. Excess glue conveniently removed with a damp sponge.

Once the glue is a little grab, paste a few beads.

As well as the first crafts, cover universal varnish.

The result was a remarkable cup, eg for toothbrushes. But this is not the only application.

Idea 3.

We cover a small mug of white acrylic paint using a sponge. This will be the primer layer.

Once dried white paint to put the lilac.

At the place of breaking the handle is attached decor. We have this butterfly from foamirana on selfglue. But you can use any decor.

At the upper border of the thin tape is pasted with crystals on the hot glue. But it is better to use glue "Titan", he is not afraid to reduce the heat.

The tin can chop and melt the candle wax on the stove.

The mug insert the wick of the candle and pour the melted wax to the top.

2 Using clothespins fix the wick while the wax cools.

After the wax has cooled, it can be coated mug universal varnish.

That's it, we get three interesting articles from the broken cups.

If you had something that is not clear, you can watch the video.