Decoupage on eggshells. bottle Decoration

  • Dec 28, 2019

Welcome, fans do something with their own hands!

Long time we did not do decoupage bottles. It is a beautiful decor, especially decoupage on eggshells. Decor bottles using eggshells always looks great!

For the decoration of the bottle we used:
· A glass bottle with a wide neck;
· The egg shell of raw eggs;
· Carpenter PVA glue;
· Acrylic white paint;
· Acrylic varnish, water-based;
· Decoupage napkin (or sandwich);
· Sponge, brush, cloth.

And now look at the whole process more closely and step by step. Go!

Step 1.

Bottle of paint cover. For the coloring of glass it is very convenient to use a piece of sponge. With it go paint evenly without streaks. Leave to dry for half an hour.

Step 2.

Now using PVA glue, paste the eggshell on the bottle, but before that you need to shell a bit to prepare for work.

Shell of raw eggs should be soaked for 1 hour in warm water. Then you need to remove the film, which is inside the shell. All eggs different number of layers of film, some layer 1, and layer and 3 is. Kata film fingers and remove it. Be sure to remove all the layers. Otherwise, the shell stink.

Put on a bottle of glue on a small area, putting a piece of shell and crushed his fingers, separated into 3-4 parts. Toothpick fix our pieces, making a small gap between them. Completely remove the small pieces, they are not very nice look.
Paste the entire bottle.

Step 3.

Slightly shell crumble into fine crumb. This can be done by the rolled cylindrical shell by any hard object. Crumb paste this neck of the bottle.

Step 4.

After a couple of hours when the shell tightly adhered were stained with white paint into 2 layers, at an interval of 30 minutes between coats and leave to dry.

Step 5.

Take a liked decoupage napkin with a pattern if it is a three-layer, leaving only the single layer. Hands tearing favorite fragment pattern.

Only her hands, the edges are ragged and when we attach to the bottle, the transition will not be visible. If you cut with scissors, it will be visible transitions.

Step 6.

Putting a piece of cloth to a bottle and diluted 1: 1 with water an adhesive glue. The adhesive is applied with a soft brush in the direction from the center towards the edge smoothing wrinkles and gently expelling air bubbles. Lightly blotted with a soft cloth pasted picture.

Step 7.

At the end of 30-60 minutes can be covered with acrylic paint bottle. Need to cover with a soft brush in the same direction.

Bottle Decoration ready! The result was a very nice bottle, which can be used as a vase for example.

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Thanks a lot!