Growing onions without land on the windowsill

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

Last winter, I tried an interesting method of growing onions on a windowsill without land. In general, domestic breeding - it is a very exciting experience. A green onions - they are excellent vitamins in the winter.

Now the comments will fly "vultures" with cries that it is easier to buy and do not bother. Certainly easier, so you are welcome to go to the store! But then it's not that I do not have money at the bow, and it is in the process if you are not interested, then you can not read.

For the cultivation of onions I used:

· Cardboard egg trays (necessarily new!);

· Plastic egg trays;

· Sawdust (optional);

· The edible film;

· A small onions.

Step 1.

1 Take a cardboard tray and carefully wrap it with cling film. This is to ensure that it would not get wet, and served as a basis for future beds.

Step 2.

Trays moisten in water and laid on the wrapped in film. Thus moistened and put 4-5 layers. After stacking the layers from top to pour a little more water.

Step 3.

We cut the onion "noses", so it will germinate faster.

Step 4.

Puts bulbs in wet tray and a little watered. The tray 1 is placed more than 30 bulbs. Remove the flower bed on the window sill, in closer to the sun.

Step 5.

I prepared another bed of the same, but each cell sprinkled a little small sawdust. Just for an experiment. Similarly, he laid the bow and frame on the windowsill.

Step 6.

Took a plastic tray, it just poured the water and put the bow.

The beds are ready, it remains to wait for the harvest.

After 3 days, the bulbs have already begun to break the eggshell, and actively began to grow roots.

Watered every day a little bit, that would have been wet cardboard. Watering is conveniently out of the bottle, the lid is done small hole.

Week later.

Before planting the onions must be carefully selected and know what is better to plant. And then I put some horrible and I have it grew very unevenly, and some bulbs have not sprouted.

In the plastic tray of the same.

The roots have grown quite large and breaking through wet cardboard deepened.

And that's what the result was 17 days. Some bulbs have just started to sprout.

In general, the experiment was a success. Onion does not rot, does not stink do not start gnats. With proper selection of bulbs, you can get a great harvest several times.

The only thing it is not known what kind of material used in the manufacture of egg trays, whether it is harmful or not?

I really enjoyed the process of growing, this winter I plan to try to grow on a windowsill another different greens.

See how I grew onions in a plastic bottle on a windowsill.

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Thank you very much!