Vase of sticks for ice cream and a plastic bottle

  • Dec 28, 2019

Vase made of sticks for ice cream, and plastic bottles. Plastic bottles and sticks for ice cream - it is an excellent material for handicrafts.

For the manufacture of vases, I used:

• 2 liter plastic bottle (possible any);

• Ice cream sticks;

• Hot glue;

• Sandpaper, nail polish remover;

• Thick foamiran;

• Acrylic paints;

• Varnish for wood;

In this video you will learn how to make a vase.

The bottle should be smooth-walled, without sharp bends, it is easier to stick to it sticks.

Cut the top of the bottle. Well we clean the bottle with sandpaper, it is necessary for what would be hot glue well kept. Since on the smooth surface of the hot glue keeps bad.

Handling the bottle with liquid nail polish remover, which would remove the dust and dirt. It also contributes to a better glue adhesion.

We begin to stick stick, as shown in the video, but you can place and - another thing to include fantasy.

I pasted the 3 rows to the bottom, and the question arose as to paste the last row, what would it be smooth bottom. The last row has decided to stick to the bottom level.

To obtain a flat bottom and a vase are not staggered, whittle sticks on a large piece of sandpaper.

Whatever the wood looked richer and richer decided to cover under the tinted varnish Maple. Apply the varnish can be a sponge, and in inaccessible places a small brush. Just cover the varnish sticks to the inside of the vase, where there will be contact with the water.

Thick (3mm) foamirana strips 2 cut to 1 cm. He painted them with black acrylic paint and when the paint has dried, then the method of dry brush struck bronze.

These strips are glued to a vase. One at the very bottom, and the second a little higher. Strips mimic both rings on the barrel.

That's all there ready to bowl! It is possible to pour the water and put the flowers and can be used as decorative.

If you had something that is not clear, you can watch the video.