Souvenir of a DVD disc, burlap and jute

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings to you, dear readers of my channel!

How long have you made souvenirs? Souvenirs with their own hands that are nice to give? Today, just do a little souvenir from the DVD, burlap and jute twine.

For the manufacture of useful to you:

· DVD drive;

· Sacking;

· Jute Twine;

· PVA glue and hot glue;

· Hair dryer;

· Brush;

· Beads;

· Dry grass spikelets;

Burlap is usually sold there, where they sell different tissues. Jute twine can be found at a hardware store. Aley PVA and hot glue can be bought in the construction market.

Step 1.

PVA glue smear one side of the disc and attached to the sacking, strongly pressed for 5-10 seconds. Dry the dryer for about 5 minutes and then cut. The same make with the second side of the disc.

Step 2.

Jute twine making a small loop and glue from the back side to hot glue.

Step 3.

Cut twine strands 9 of approximately 30-35 cm. On the one hand a pin and anchoring plait pigtail to 3 yarns. Glue pigtail on the front side of the disc around the circle.

Step 4.

Burlap rectangle with sides cut 6 cm by 9 cm. On both sides, which are 9 cm inflict hot glue. When the glue has cooled, take out the thread of burlap. All you need to get 30 threads.

Step 5.

Get 5 piles but 6 threads. Now glue the eight strings. Then crosswise glue on each other eight, that would make a flower.

Step 6.

From a rectangular piece from which we pulled thread, twist flower.

Step 7.

At the center of all flowers glue bead or something else.

Step 8.

On burlap Apply hot glue and glue jute twine. Cut the resulting leaf. Doing these 2 things.

Step 9.

Glue all the elements (flowers, leaves and spikes) on the disc.

All souvenir ready!

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