Cute Organizer for kitchen from a plastic canister

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

Today will show you how to make an organizer for the kitchen of a small plastic canister of detergent. Make organizer quite simply and in a few hours in your kitchen will be a beautiful and useful thing.

I used for the manufacture of the following materials:

· Plastic canister of detergent (3-5 liters);

· Knitted Fabric (can be old t-shirts);

· PVA glue (joiner, not clerical);

· Hot glue;

· Acrylic paint;

· Decoupage napkin;

· Marker, scissors.

The canister can use any container, from the essence of this does not change. Decoupage napkins are often sold in supermarkets, they sandwich. But if you find such, it will approach normal with a beautiful pattern.

Step 1.

Marker outline contour of the future organizer and cut with scissors approximately in the middle of the canister. It should look like the picture, but not necessarily exactly the same as we do, you can do on your way you like.

Step 2.

From the top of the severed canister and cut off a piece of plastic customize its inside bottom. This will be a partition, paste it into place with hot glue.

Step 3.

Cut the old T-shirt of any color on the strip width of about 3-4 cm. The ends of the strips are sewn together, a little stretch fabric and wound all in a tangle.

Step 4.

We begin to glue the fabric on the organizer hot glue. Go upwards.

Step 5.

Once stuck to the top of the fabric organizer abundantly coat with PVA glue. And leave for a few hours until the adhesive dries.

Step 6.

When the glue is completely dry, paint white acrylic paint. If 1 times poorly painted over, it is necessary to go a second time. Leave to dry for several hours.

Step 7.

Now you need to stick a napkin decoupage. Cloth cut to size, apply to the canister and start gluing. For gluing we use all the same PVA glue diluted with water 50 to 50. Apply the adhesive with a soft brush from the center to the edges. Expelling bubbles and leveling the wrinkles.

Do not worry if you do the first time will not work accurately and without wrinkles stick napkin, there is nothing to worry about. She's as dry slightly tensioned and straightened.

Just a few wrinkles can be smoothed with a soft damp cloth. Just do not push hard, and the napkin may tear.

Step 8.

When the napkin is well dries, cover the organizer acrylic lacquer. Varnish 2-3 times better then the organizer can be safely washed.

That's all, my friends, we got a nice organizer for food from a plastic canister.

If you liked the workshop, then share it with your friends, please! Thank you!