Magnificent box-casket from a cardboard box

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings, dear needlewoman and rukodelniki!

For a long time we did not make boxes, and, behold, it happened, did a great casket - Casket from the carton. Stash has turned antique and looks very rich.

For the manufacture of boxes we used:

· The carton of shoe;

· Rulers, pen, stationery knife;

· Masking tape;

· Kraft paper;

· PVA glue, adhesive polymer;

Starch · (any);

· Building plaster for finishing works;

· Emery paper (my best);

· Napkins;

· Molds;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic lacquer.

I work quite a lot, but no big deal. Most of the time it takes to drying glue and putty.

Step 1.

On the lid of the carton holding 2 lines diagonally from corner to corner. Next, draw a rectangle in the center of any size, and cut it with a knife stationery.

Step 2.

From the corners of a rectangle cut mark of 1.5 cm and hold the line on these labels to the corner of the cover. Cut a triangle.

Step 3.

Of cardboard cut triangles with a base and 4 cm long, such as the previous cut triangles on the lid. Pasted them using paper tape.

Step 4.

In the center of the lid got a polygonal hole. We put it on a piece of cardboard, and cut out the outlines. The same masking tape is glued to the cover.

Step 5.

Paste kraft paper and cover the entire box. We used a carpenter's glue PVA, it is convenient to work and it keeps well after drying.

Step 6.

Dilute construction plaster for finishing works and, using a small spatula cover the whole box. The place where the lid goes on the box does not need putty.

Step 7.

After the plaster dries well (about 12 hours), its sanded with sandpaper. After this, moisten with water, which would remove the dust and tested sometimes even putty. Sushi and again hides and cover with white glue.

Step 8.

Inside the box lid and glue crumpled napkins (the most common). Sticking on of PVA diluted with water 50 to 50.

Step 9.

Now you need to prepare a mixture for the creation of the decor. The pour plate of any starch and pour bit polymeric adhesive. We glue "Titan", but the name and the company does not matter.

Knead the mixture to a thick dough and place it in a package for 5 minutes. Before use, add a little vegetable oil and molding the mixture into a mold.

Step 10.

Glue decoration until it raw, using PVA glue. Also on the cover Fasten small furniture handles.

Step 11.

Now it's time to paint the box. The first step covered the casket of black acrylic paint. When the paint has dried, the violet walked by dry brush and at the end of bronze paint.

Step 12.

When the paint has dried, cover the entire box with acrylic lacquer.

Here and ready our wonderful box!

If you had something that is not clear, the look still and video.

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