Decorative roller with your hands for small surfaces

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Surely you've seen on the Internet, sold textured rollers for decorative filler. Price they certainly bite. They cost around 1000-1500 rubles. To be honest, I feel sorry for paying so much money for 1 roll. So I decided to make myself something similar.

Decorative cushion made with their own hands, however, for the walls, he is not very suitable, it is necessary to develop further. But for small surfaces perfectly proved itself. For example, I use it to decorate a vase, organizer box. It was very not bad.

For the manufacture of textured roller I used:

• Rubber roller for wallpaper;

• hot glue (hot melt);

• Marker.

Step 1.

On a rubber roller, a marker, draw a pattern, which comes to mind.

Step 2.

Hot glue along the drawn lines are passed. glue is not squeezed too much need, the strip must be thin. Hot glue is held on the platen so tightly that when trying to pull, off, along with pieces of the roller.

Step 3.

Now a small sample roller. Primed a small piece of drywall. Spread plaster on gypsum basis for the finishing work. It spreads very thickly.

Step 4.

Apply plaster to gypsum board layer about 2-4 mm. Roller moistened in water and pressing laminated on fresh putty.

By the wet roller coat does not stick. Invoice to get a clear, deep. Butt a little to see, but as I said above, with little refinement roller can achieve seamless coverage at all.

Step 5.

After the filler is completely dry (10-12 hours), I covered it with a brown acrylic water-based paint. And left to dry.

Step 6.

When the paint has dried, I walked a little sandpaper (nulevkoy), which would give the effect of putty abrasions.

Step 7.

Struck bronze acrylic paint by the "dry brush". And in the end, all covered with acrylic lacquer.

The result was a very interesting and beautiful texture. Paint does not necessarily like me, you can experiment with colors. The cost price of such a roll out about 120 rubles.

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