Exclusive vase made of plastic bottles

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, friends!

I want to share with you an interesting vase of plastic bottles and rice, which we have done with their own hands. Plastic bottles - this is a very good material for different crafts and DIY. Besides free.

For the manufacture of vases we used:

• Plastic bottles (any amount);

• The marker, knife, scissors;

• Cord;

• Hot glue;

• Rice;

• PVA adhesive (carpenter);

• Spray paint in cans;

• Universal spray paint.

It is very simple and in a few hours you can create a beautiful vase, some just do not buy in the store.

Step 1.

From the three necks of the plastic bottles is cut off, approximately 7-10 cm from the top. Just cut off the top, where the lid is screwed.

Step 2.

Glue the two halves of the wide sides using hot glue. Glue should be applied quite a bit, that would be no plastic pokorezhilo.

Step 3.

A third of the bottle rascherchivaem marker and cut out, as shown in the photo. And bonded to the vase.

Step 4.

Corrugated cardboard cut circle and glue it to the bottom of the vase.

Step 5.

Vase good coat with white glue and begin to shower rice, a little crushing his hand. The inside of the neck is also rice paste. Leave 6 hours that would be the glue has dried.

Step 6.

On the upper hem of the neck glue cord.

Step 7.

In bowl put a few stones, that would be a little heavier it. Paint from a container, first with white paint. When the white paint is dry, lightly top and bottom of the vase, passing green paint.

Step 8.

At the end of the universal cover varnish from a container.

The result was a remarkable vase, which even can be to pour water if glue joints carefully with hot glue.

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