Decor bottles of rice. Make easier

  • Dec 28, 2019

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That for a long time there was no decoration of bottles as well? Well, today just wanted me to show you the decoration of bottles of rice. Yes, yes, it is rice. Surprisingly it turned out pretty and unusual decor. In addition, all simply so that it can repeat any newcomer.

Here's what you need for the decor:

· Any glass bottles;

· PVA adhesive (carpenter or building);

· Brush;

· Figure;

· Solvent;

· Masking tape (3.2 cm wide);

· Self-adhesive Rhinestones;

· Aerosol paint in cans;

· Hairspray or another nail in the cartridge.

Step 1.

Bottles wipe solvent to degrease. It is possible to use a nail polish remover or alcohol.

Step 2.

Bottle wrapped with masking tape at a height of about two-thirds from the bottom.

Step 3.

Bottle of scotch below plentifully we smear with glue PVA.

Step 4.

Omit the bottle in a bowl of rice and sprinkle with. Sprinkle liberally, to leave no empty seats. Gently press down hand Fig.

Fig better pre-rinse and dry well, then it will be good to stick.

Step 5.

After 24 hours, when the glue is completely dry, remove the tape. Be careful, rice can also be showered.

Step 6.

Paint spray bottles for 2 times. We chose white and gold paint. In addition to appearance, the paint is still strengthen Fig.

Necessarily need to paint or outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, otherwise you can breathe in the paint, which is not good. Just a lot of paint, do not apply, otherwise there will be stains on the bottle.

Step 7.

After the paint has dried, varnished bottles for hair 2 times, abundant layer.

Better, of course, use a universal paint in the can, but we decided to experiment.

Step 8.

The varnish has dried. Now paste the adhesive rhinestones on the top border and rice on the bottle neck.

Hooray, the decor is ready!

See how we have decorated bottles:

bottle decor in the style of steampunk

Decor bottles colored salt

Stylish décor bottles of "5 minutes"

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