How to check the building level by buying it in the store: lying

  • Dec 10, 2020

In many stages of construction and renovation, the bubble level is an indispensable tool. The accuracy, beauty and symmetry of the future repair depends on the accuracy of its readings. Remember that even the most insignificant and at first glance imperceptible defect can result in serious negative consequences.

And if some mistakes can be easily corrected, others will remain forever and will constantly remind of themselves.

How to check the building level by buying it in a store: if it is lying or not. Easy 15 - second way.
I note right away that the accuracy of the building level does not depend in any way on its price or on the manufacturer's firm. If you read somewhere that you need to buy a tool only from trusted brands and for a lot of money, you were cruelly deceived.
Due to the lack of experience, amateur builders can make gross mistakes, believe any information presented on the Internet. Therefore, they buy instruments for fabulous money, which in reality are not of the highest quality.

There is one elementary method that allows you to quickly and directly in the store check how accurate the selected level is. The method can be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • 1. First, you need to attach the tool to any flat surface.
  • 2. Look and remember where the bubble stopped.
  • 3. Turn the level 180 degrees, then reapply it to the same level surface. Evaluate the result.

If the bubble stops again where it was for the first time, then you have the most accurate and reliable instrument in front of you.

If the bubble has changed its original position, it is better to refuse to acquire this level.

That's all the wisdom! Use it to your health!

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