How to light up the brazier as quickly as possible. The simplest way.

  • Dec 10, 2020

What am I all about construction and construction? After all, the time for the May holidays and the barbecue season has long come! I want to tell you about a method that will help you quickly light up the grill. In this case, you do not need any ignition fluids. All this chemistry has an unpleasant odor that gets absorbed into roasting meat.

Of course, you can stand for another hour at the barbecue with a fan, trying to make fire from the dying coals. But the prospect, to be honest, is not bright.

The method outlined below will speed up the process of starting a fire many times over. I checked it myself! Therefore, I guarantee that the result will please you!

By the way, I've always used ignition before. He poured it over coals and after a while set it on fire. If not for a good friend who shared a life hack with me, I would have continued to do so today.

And so, we need a cardboard egg tray. I think the thing is well-known and familiar to everyone.

Break the tray into four parts.

We put cardboard in the brazier, pour coals on top and set it on fire. The egg tray does not light up very well, so I advise you to take more paper.

In just 5-10 minutes you will have ready-made, white coals. Do you still have doubts? I highly recommend testing the method firsthand!

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