5 ways to quickly whiten yellowed plastic (windows, window sills, body and handles of household appliances) It couldn't be easier

  • Dec 10, 2020
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It is difficult to imagine modern life without plastic windows and household appliances, sparkling pristine whiteness in your favorite kitchen. Plastic is convenient, practical, looks nice and neat. But what to do when whiteness ceases to be pleasing to the eye and acquires a dull, painful yellow tint?

Exactly - do not despair and do not spoil your mood. There are many ways to restore plastic to its original whiteness, lost due to drops. temperatures, partial decomposition of plastic and low-quality additives often used in its production. Often plastic turns yellow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation - in the sun, as well as due to "age".

Today I will tell you about five of my methods, proven in practice. Take advantage of them and the "appearance" of your home any "Housing issue" will be rated on a solid "5+"!

Soda + washing powder. In a liter of water, I add a tablespoon (with a slide) of both components and soak the yellowed surface for 4-5 hours. Then I just rinse with warm water and... admire the new windowsill!

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Nail polish remover (or ordinary acetone). Suitable if the surface to be treated is small: the specific smell will not allow you to work for a long time I put on a cotton pad and rub.

The main thing here is not to overdo it and not to remove the yellowness along with the surface itself! It is better to test this option in advance on a small area.

Car cosmetics. All kinds of sprays sold in any auto store will return the plastic to its former freshness, and you will save time on preparing bleaching solutions. This treatment works very well for plastic that has turned yellow with age: I just bleached a 25-year-old freezer this way.

Hydrogen peroxide. I put the liquid on a dishwashing sponge and rub the yellowed surface.

I most often use this option for microwave ovens and refrigerators. If necessary, I repeat two or three times with an interval of half a day.

My favorite laundry soap - a remedy for all occasions! I rub half of the bar on a coarse grater and dilute with a glass of warm water. I put the resulting substance on the “reanimated” surface and leave it for a couple of hours. So, in addition to the aesthetic result, a unique antibacterial effect is obtained.

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