The wife learned how to wash the pans correctly. Now the oil from them does not drain into the sink

  • Dec 10, 2020

There are a lot of ways to deal with blockages in kitchen sinks. That only for this purpose is not used. And plunger, and washing powder, and baking soda and so on.

Sometimes, some of the above will work, and sometimes not. Then you have to disassemble the entire drain system and clean it with handles. Not a very pleasant procedure. The smell is still the same, and there will be a lot of dirt around.

Photo: Yandex Pictures
Photo: Yandex Pictures

Therefore, it is better not to allow the drain system to clog. And this requires very little. And the wife found out what was needed for this and began to wash the pans with the remaining fat in them correctly.

Namely, now what remained in the frying pan, after the frying process, she stopped pouring into the sink. After all, it is this fat that is the main reason for the formation of blockages.

In principle, this also applies to plates, especially those that are after eating salad or other fatty foods. And, as you probably understand, if you wash them, then all the fat from them will go down the drain.

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You can use chemistry that can break down fat. But sooner or later, but rather sooner, all the same, the drain from this fat will clog up. Therefore, it is better to prevent this situation in advance.

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Of course, popular wisdom says that in order to get rid of fat from pans and plates, they must be washed with mustard powder.

The wife decided to check this statement, but she did not feel any special effect.

And then she found a cool and simple way to make sure that the grease from the dishes does not fall into the sink and, accordingly, into the drain. By the way, not many people know about this method, the wife did not know the same earlier.

And the method is outrageously simple, as I already wrote.

Need to wash a frying pan that contains fat after frying? Take paper towels, or napkins, if not available, you can use toilet paper on the edge.

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They took a paper towel and rubbed the grease left in the frying pan or on the plates with it. Wipe until there is no fat in the pan or on the plates.

Then throw the dirty paper towel, napkins, toilet paper into the trash bin, and wash the frying pan with a minimum of fat in the usual way.

As a rule, it will be enough to rinse it under a running stream of warm water. That's all. The frying pan and plates can be put away in the dish drainer.

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And one more small moment, it is important for those who use a deep fryer. Fried your oil, let it cool, then pour into a jar. Then wipe down your deep fryer with a paper towel.

By the way, you can even sell food processing of sunflower oil. But this is an extra hassle, you will help out a penny. Pour the oil from the can into the toilet, it will be easier.

And now, knowing how to prevent fat from entering the drain system, you will be much less likely to get clogged!

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