6 rooms in the house that require the installation of walk-through switches

  • Dec 11, 2020

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Pass-through switches are a group of devices that allow you to turn on / off the light at the same time from two or more places.
In appearance, these are ordinary switches, but they differ from classical devices in the installation scheme, when several devices act as a kind of jumpers dependent on each other.

And, in fact, this is a very convenient solution in the presence of walk-through and / or spacious large rooms, which will be discussed in this article.

The corridor

The first room that requires the use of loop switches is corridors and hallways.

Entering the room from the street and taking off your shoes - you no longer want to go back to the beginning of the corridor to turn off the light, and, here a similar device will help, duplicating the switch already upon exiting corridor.
Pass-through switches: 1 - Corridor; 2 - Street lighting


Second place - bedroom. By turning on the lighting, you can safely undress, lie on the bed and not worry about what you need get out of bed and turn off the light, since the switch can be located next to the bedside bedside table.

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Third place - staircase lighting. It is very convenient when the lighting of the staircase is controlled from two or three floors at once. You don't have to go down and / or go up to turn on / off the light.


Fourth place - street lighting and lighting of the house around the perimeter.

The need to use switches for street light is that when you don't want to open doors in the cold and turn on / off the lamp on the house, you can do it from the premises.

This can also include a backyard or cold veranda lantern. The light adjustment should be both inside and outside.

Living room

Fifth place - hall or living room. Pass-through switches are convenient when this room covers an area of ​​more than 30 square meters. Then, sitting comfortably on the sofa, you can relax and not worry about jumping up and putting out the light in another corner of the room, but turn it off by stretching out your hand from the position lying :-)))


Sixth and last place - attic or basement (basement) room, where it is always more convenient to turn on the light in advance before entering inside, so as not to look for a key in the dark. And you can turn off the light already in place.

In fact, installing a pass-through switch will not take much time or money, and the convenience and comfort of using the house will be top notch!

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