The device is water drainage system of the washing machine

  • Dec 24, 2019

water drainage system in the washing machine is designed to remove dirty water from the working tank.

The first element of the system is rubber corrugated pipeConnecting the tank and the pump. At the beginning of the nozzle has a thickening, in which the plastic ball valve. It prevents the penetration of the unpleasant smells of sewage. K taps tank and a pump nozzle mounted steel clamps (scroll gallery below).

Rubber corrugated pipe
Rubber corrugated pipe
Rubber corrugated pipe
Rubber corrugated pipe

The next element, it is also important - drain pump (pump). The pump consists of two parts: the working chamber and the electric motor.

The working chamber is made of plastic on the outside to join her nipples. Inside the chamber is a process of pumping water. The end portion is screwed into a removable filter chamber in which the coarse particles are collected.

drain pump
drain pump

The pump motor is composed of two cores wound with coils. Between the windings on the rotor rotates sleeves to which the impeller is attached. All parts of the pump are arranged in a plastic case, outside withdrawn terminals for connecting the power supply wires.

Operating voltage drain pump 220 Volt power of 30 to 80 watts. The windings are made of copper or aluminum wire. Power is supplied from the control unit, in accordance with the wash program. By operating pump chamber is attached by screws or clips.

The principle of operation is as follows: the pump is installed at the bottom of the machine, so the working chamber is always filled with water. When voltage is applied to rotate the impeller, the centrifugal force in the flow a vacuum pipe, and the exhaust pressure occurs as a result of the pumping water.

The final element of the system is a drainage hose. It is connected to the pump working chamber on one side and a receiver on the other sewage. An important role is played by the correct location of the hose. For normal operation of the machine it should be raised to a height of about 2/3 of tank level, it is necessary to prevent inadvertent discharge of water.

drain hose
drain hose

Repairs drainage systems include:

  • purification filter drain pump chamber, this simple procedure, described in the instructions for each machine;
  • replacing the pump in case of failure of the impeller or motor windings;
  • replacement of pipes and hoses in process of deterioration.
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