People live!

  • Dec 11, 2020

In this "kopeck piece", located in an ordinary five-story building-Khrushchev, there is something that I never expected to see there. I caught sight of an advertisement for the sale of an apartment, the photos of which I cannot but show you. :)

People live!

Apparently, once in this apartment they made a sharp renovation with redevelopment, in which the kitchen and the room were combined.

People live!

Now it all looks, frankly, unattractive.

Yes, and the photos were taken "on sneakers."

The bathroom has a wooden door.

And outside the door there is a sauna! In Khrushchev!

What people do not do in their apartments!

I know one blogger-master of elevators who installed a homemade elevator in his one-room apartment, which lifts it to the top floor of a bunk bed, while the mechanism probably takes up a quarter of the room.

Even as a child, I heard a story about a gypsy family who kept a live horse in an apartment not on the first floor.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone has a swimming pool in their city apartment.

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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