How to enlarge any image on a smartphone screen

  • Dec 11, 2020

Very often a situation arises when the text or image on the smartphone screen is so small that the text cannot be read, and the image cannot be seen.
Fortunately, any Android smartphone has the ability to enlarge any part of the screen, but few people know about it.

This feature is located under Accessibility and is called Zoom Gestures.

After turning it on, if you tap the screen three times and do not release your finger, the image will enlarge and you can move it by moving your finger across the screen. As soon as you release your finger, the magnification turns off.

The second option is to tap and release your finger three times, then the image will enlarge and remain enlarged up to three repeated taps. You can move the enlarged image with two fingers, and zoom in and out by pinching and spreading your fingers.

To turn on the zoom mode, go to the phone settings, find there "Accessibility" at the very end, there may be another "Accessibility", there "Gestures for zoom".

Another option for using the magnification function is a magnifier without additional applications. Just go to the "Camera" application and tap three times on the screen. After that, you can look with magnification at any objects and read the smallest inscriptions on the labels of goods in stores without any problems,

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I found this function quite by accident for quite some time and I use it all the time, which I advise you too.

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