How to make a Tinkoff card free

  • Dec 11, 2020
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The Tinkoff Black debit card has only one significant drawback - in order for it to be free, you need to fulfill the conditions, but there is a way to make it completely free without conditions.

I use more than thirty bank cards from different banks and I am sure that regardless of which bank card you receive your salary on, a Tinkoff debit card is worth getting.

I adhere to a simple principle: I pay nothing to banks (neither for issuing cards, nor for servicing, nor interest on loans), banks pay me (cashbacks, interest on deposits and accounts).

The Tinkoff card is good in that it allows you to do a lot of things for free and receive cashbacks for purchases.

The card is issued free of charge, it is brought home or to the office. In addition, you can order additional cards of different systems (I have as many as three WORLDS), this is also free.

You can withdraw money from this card without commission at ATMs of any banks (at least 3,000 rubles. and up to 100,000 per month).

You can transfer money to this card from cards of other banks (including Sberbank) and this is also no commission.

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From this card, you can transfer money without commission to cards of any banks in various ways: up to 20,000 rubles per month by card number, up to a million (if I am not mistaken) by phone number (SBP).

Interbank transfers are also free.

From the Tinkoff application or Internet bank, you can pay utility bills without commission (including rare and exotic, for example, Tinkoff even knows the details of my little country house SNT, in which there are only a hundred plots).

And for any purchases, 1% cashback is credited with "real money" and 5% for three categories, which change every month. Now I have a 5% cashback on clothes and shoes, taxis and purchases in the Girlfriend store.

In addition, there are increased cashbacks in certain stores, for example, 10% in Samsung branded stores, 3% in MTS stores, 7% in Four Paws stores.

Usually, in order for the card to be free, you need to constantly store at least 30,000 rubles on it or open a deposit (from 50,000 rubles), but you can make the card free without conditions. To do this, after receiving the card, you need to write to the support chat in the application and ask to transfer the card to a free tariff 6.2. In this case, the card will lose interest on the balance with an amount of up to 100 thousand rubles, but it will become free without any conditions.

Now there is a promotion for those who order the card by my link, the first six months of service will be free with no strings attached, but it's best not to forget to upgrade to the free plan in advance so that the card will be free forever. By the way, by ordering a card using my link, you support my projects, because I will also receive a bonus.

I have been using the Tinkoff Black card for more than five years now, and during this time almost all of my relatives gradually acquired the same cards. If you still don't have such a card, I recommend getting one. It is really convenient and profitable.

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