A penny homemade product in 5 minutes to weld sheet metal

  • Dec 11, 2020
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Friends, welcome to the channel for self-taught welding!

Today at work I came up with a simple homemade product for welding sheet metal to the frame. I made it on my knee in 5 minutes from metal scraps that I found in the garage. See what happened and how it works.

Recent days I have been cooking a toolbox for a cargo trailer. Today I sewed up the frame of the box with sheet metal. The frame is welded from 63 corners, and sewn up with a sheet of 2 mm.

To tightly press the sheet metal to the frame for welding, they also usually use a homemade karkalyga tool, a crocodile, and it also has many names. But you cannot press the last sheets of metal with a crocodile, the already welded sheets do not allow you to pick up the lower armature and press the metal.

You can press the karkalyga with the end, but it is not always easy. I had to urgently look for a way out!

The design of the homemade clamp is simple. A piece of round timber, I welded a bolt with a nut to the end, and from the other end I put on a piece of tube with a welded strip - this is the clamp itself.

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I grab the nut to the center of the sheet, the homemade product rotates 360 degrees around the nut. The clamp itself on the tube is also movable. Thus, we can reach and press the entire perimeter of the metal sheet to the frame.

We press the metal with our homemade product as a lever and weld it. The work proceeds quickly and easily, still joyful from solving a technical problem with minimal resources!

We welded on, cleaned the welds, tomorrow we will hang the box to the trailer brackets.

Friends, I made a detailed video showing all the little things about the work of this homemade product. For anyone interested, be sure to take a look.