How to cook a vertical seam on a profile pipe without burn-through and sagging

  • Dec 11, 2020

An article for those new to welding, as well as for those who are not always good at vertical seams. I will show you how to lead with an electrode, so that when welding a profile pipe, you do not burn through, and do not overlay too much, so that your seams are always dense and beautiful.

We fasten the electrode for vertical welding in the holder at 45 degrees, so it will be convenient to cook, and the hand will be less tired. We take the electrodes themselves with a rutile or rutile-cellulose coating. Such electrodes will reignite well on the weld. We will perform this welding from the bottom up, we will weld with points with a separation.

To show the theory, I drew a vertical line with chalk on a sheet of metal, it will indicate the joint of two parts. The circles along this line will be the weld pool, and the horizontal lines across the circle are the center of the weld pool.

This piece of round timber will be used as an electrode. Do not think that everything will be limited to these examples, first I will tell you, and then cook and see the result, so it's better to read in order.

We light the electrode, while the metal is cold, we make several movements with a crescent moon on the sides. We form a weld pool, and when it clearly appeared, we abruptly interrupt the welding. Here is the very trick of how and where to reignite, let's move on.

After tearing off the electrode, we clearly see the oval of the weld pool. We gaze at about the middle of this oval and wait for a split second until the bath starts to fade a little. At this moment, we reignite with the lower end of the electrode precisely from this middle of the dim oval.

We light it in the middle of the bath, make a crescent to one side, but we make a crescent in the other direction very sharply and combine the end of the crescent with the separation of the electrode. With this sharp movement, we additionally move the slag away from the weld pool. It's just that with this welding technique, the seams are very dense and beautiful. And so point by point. Now let's move on from theory to welding itself.

We light the electrode, heat up the metal, get the weld pool and tear it off. Re-igniting in the middle of the bath and so on, everything is as described above. Now let's look at the result.

We knock down the slag from the seams and do an inspection. With multiple zooming, it can be seen that the seams have a dense structure, the scales are close, the aesthetics of such a seam is quite good.

Friends, it's better to see it once!

I shot a detailed video for you, take a look, the most important thing there is clearly visible the welding process with this technique and what the result is. Happy viewing!