What is a 125 grinder and why is it the most popular for home

  • Dec 11, 2020

An article-advice from a welder who has been working with grinders for 15 years.

Friends, let's agree right away, in the text I will call this tool BULGARKA, because in colloquial speech everyone is used to it that way. I know that this tool is called angle grinder, but almost no one says that, and some will not understand at all if you tell them so.

So what is the Bulgarian 125?

All grinders differ in the brand name and the diameter of the working circle. Well, everything is clear with brands, we take it on the advice of friends, sellers in the store, if it inspires confidence, or reviews on the Internet. But what diameter of the working circle (disc) is better to choose?

source yandex images

Here is a table of grinder disc diameters with possible thicknesses. We see that there are 5 sizes of discs, which means the same number of sizes of grinders. It is customary to call the grinder, in addition to the brand, by the size of the disc, even more often and more clearly this tool is called precisely by the size of the disc.

So a 125 grinder is a grinder of any brand, but its disc size will be exactly 125 mm.

This is the most popular grinder for home use; further I will show examples of why this is so.

125 grinder is the optimal solution for the home. Such a tool is lightweight and lightweight. For a beginner, it will be more correct and safe to buy exactly 125 grinders for their household needs. There is, of course, a smaller tool-115 Bulgarian, but this is not at all serious!

Large grinders, for example 230, are suitable for experienced users, and even then, if you constantly need to do large amounts of work, or cut just thick metal, dismantle welded structures. It is like a truck in the world of all cars, it is expensive and expedient for large loads and volumes.

In the photo above, I saw 125 strips of metal 3 mm thick with a grinder. The tool copes with such work quickly and without stress.

The cutting speed of such a grinder is not much different from a large grinder, because for 125 diameter there is a choice of thin discs that cut the metal very quickly.

If you cut the profile pipe along the circular markings, then here again there will be an advantage for 125 grinders. Having made a cut on one shelf, we hold this light tool with one hand, and with the other we scroll the professional pipe. If you work with a big grinder, it will just be physically harder and a little slower.

If we grind the metal with a scraping disc, then here again at a height of 125 a grinder, the optimal weight and diameter of the circle will allow us to do this work for a rather long time. A large 230 grinder can be cleaned much faster, but after a minute of work your hands will get tired and you will simply lose 125 grinders in the amount of work.

And of course the difference in price, the larger the grinder (one brand), the more expensive it is. So if you only have household metal work from time to time, then there is no point in overpaying. So the 125 grinder is the most popular and folk instrument.