Made an accurate tool for a locksmith from a penny children's toy

  • Dec 11, 2020
Made an accurate tool for a locksmith from a penny children's toy

Maxim, let's change, you give me your toy, and I'll buy you a chocolate bar or whatever you ask. The son did not agree, only recently his friends gave him this toy. I waited a couple of days until he played enough and quite easily exchanged the novelty for 50 rubles!

I immediately realized that this thing will come in handy in the garage. After an equivalent exchange, the toy moved to the garage and I proceeded to the test, which I planned as soon as I saw this bracelet in my son.

Made an accurate tool for a locksmith from a penny children's toy
Made an accurate tool for a locksmith from a penny children's toy

These toys are called slap bracelets - read on the internet. The bracelet has no latch, and is held on the hand due to its flexibility, now I will show you what and how.

Just lightly tap on your hand and it wraps itself around with a characteristic click. I immediately assumed there was a steel plate inside the colorful wrapper. We tear apart the end of the bracelet and see what's inside.

So it is, there was a thin steel plate inside, we take it out. My guesses turned out to be correct. We will test, if everything goes as it should, then this thing will be an irreplaceable locksmith's tool.

This plate is live in a direct state, I am not in terms of electricity! Let's try to bend it a little and it instantly takes its shape. Rolls up into a ring. Who guessed how you can use these mechanical properties? Round pipe marking for 90 degree cuts.

There is a knee from a round 76 pipe. Let's try everything on it. We put an arbitrary mark with a pencil near the end of the pipe. This mark will be the boundary of the circular pipe layout.

Lightly tap the plate near the mark on the pipe. The plate with a click instantly wraps the pipe itself. We combine the ends of the bracelet with the overlap and at the same time move it to the mark. Take a pencil and draw in a circle. Everything is easy and fast.

The result is excellent, everything turned out as I expected, a simple and accurate marking tool. Instead of marking with paper, in my garage I will use this plate from a children's bracelet. But not everything is so good, the instrument has its limitations, look.

Let's measure the length of the plate. We get 280 mm. Let us need 30 mm for the overlap when we wrap around the pipe. Remains 250 mm, this number is divided by 3 (we will not be 3.14, we are not counting on the plane!). We get 80 mm - this is the maximum pipe diameter for marking with this ruler.

The minimum pipe diameter for marking is slightly less than 40 mm. I tried it, it turns out well, in a few turns, easily and quickly.

Video how this disc works, see-HERE