How does the system of control of the water level in the tank of the washing machine?

  • Dec 24, 2019

Modern washing machine autonomous full cycle of the device, that is, washing clothes in the fully automatic mode. To this mode the machine operates using the electronic module, which enables and disables the machine elements: engine, pumps, valves, etc. This process is not complicated, but the module to determine at what point turn on or off certain device? In this it is helped by the system and control elements in a scientific feedback.

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One such element is the control of water level in the tank of the washing machine.

This system begins with a special chamber at the bottom of the tank. This chamber is called pressostat chamber may be formed as a separate part or an integral part of the tank. This camera is consistent with the tank, but in view of the structural features of the air located therein. With the change in the air pressure of the tank water level changes, on the basis of these changes, the level information is generated.

The camera is connected pressostat rubber tube through which air is supplied to the main element of the system - the pressure switch.

Pressure switch, yet it is called a water level sensor complex electromechanical or electronic device which converts air pressure into electrical signals.

The chamber pressure switch
The chamber pressure switch

Level sensors come in two forms:

  1. electromechanical, Are composed of a membrane system and mechanical contact, during operation membrane senses pressure changes in the tube and actuates mechanisms contacts or open circuit occurs, the electrical signals going to the control module of the controller receives and generates appropriate commands executive devices;
  2. electronic pressure switches It operates similarly, except that instead of mechanical contacts they are integrated circuits that form the certain impulses.
Level sensor
Level sensor

repair system includes:

  1. purge and replace the air pipe;
  2. Replacement pressure switch, out of order. In this respect, electromechanical sensors are much more reliable than its electronic "brothers";
  3. in some cases the electronic module repair schemes in its structure responsible for the operation of the system.