Exotic beauty of monstera: how to take the right care to maintain it

  • Dec 13, 2020
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Good afternoon, my reader. Monstera is a representative of large indoor plants with large dissected leaves and an aerial root system. The exotic beauty of the flower explains its popularity, but for the full development and healthy growth of the monstera, it is necessary to take proper care of it.

The exotic beauty of the monstera. Illustration for the article is used from the site fb.ru
The exotic beauty of the monstera. Illustration for the article is used from the site fb.ru

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Space and lighting

The place for the monstera must be chosen in advance. The flower gets sick from frequent movements, so it should live in the house without resettlement. It should be noted that the plant quickly grows upward and in width, so there should be a lot of space for it.

Diffused lighting is the best choice for a monstera. The sun's rays leave burns on the leaves, and in the shade the flower does not develop or grow.

Temperature conditions

The plant easily tolerates sudden temperature changes, but it is not recommended to keep it at temperatures below + 10 ° C. Indicators above + 24 ° C require regular spraying of the flower.

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At low temperatures, monstera slows down its development, and may completely stop growing before the onset of favorable temperatures.

Watering and feeding

Intensive watering is necessary for the plant in the spring and summer, it is important to ensure that the soil is constantly moisturized. The gorgeous monstera leaves are regularly wiped with a damp soft cloth. In the autumn-winter period, watering and wiping is minimized, since the flower is at rest.

As a top dressing, special fertilizers are used for monsters or for decorative deciduous plants. In the summer, fertilizers are applied weekly. In winter, once a month is enough.

Air roots and care for them

The aerial roots of the monstera are its feature, but, unfortunately, do not make it attractive. In order not to spoil the appearance of the flower, the roots are collected and carefully tied to the trunk of the plant. Another option is to decorate aerial roots with moss. When watering the soil, the roots in the air are also necessarily moisturized.

Monstera beauty. Illustration for the article is used from the site fb.ru


A young flower that has not reached 5 years of age is transplanted annually into a container with a larger diameter. Adult plants need replanting once every 2 years. The powerful roots of the monstera require a sufficient amount of space, so the pot is chosen not only deep, but also wide.

The presence of drainage is mandatory, which should take 1/3 of the volume of the pot. A commercial mixture for monsters or decorative deciduous plants is used as a soil. You can prepare the soil yourself. For this, sand, peat, garden sod, humus are mixed.


An adult plant can shed all the foliage from the bottom of the trunk. This indicates that it is time to rejuvenate the flower. To do this, in the spring, the top of the monstera is cut off, about 30 cm. This gives the plant an impetus to release side shoots, which will begin to grow actively.

The top can be lowered into a container of water, wait for the roots to appear and transplanted into a separate pot, thereby multiplying the flower.

Caring for a monster will not cause difficulties for caring owners. The main thing is to maintain temperature and moisture in order to avoid diseases and wilting of the flower.

Is there a monster growing in your house?

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