Compartment for one: how to get the whole room for yourself

  • Dec 14, 2020
 Compartment for one: how to get the whole room for yourself
Compartment for one: how to get the whole room for yourself

Those who have traveled by train at least once on a trip (and not even in a compartment) probably do not need to inform that there may be very undesirable persons among their neighbors. Not necessarily downright disgusting, but at least physically and mentally uncomfortable. Even not every person can easily and simply endure such "hardships". After all, introverts have a harder time getting out into society. After all, there are people and you have to interact with them (oh, horror). However, when it comes to the coupe, there are three ways to retire.


We travel with convenience. | Photo:
We travel with convenience. | Photo:

The simplest, most reliable, really working method that will allow you to retire on a train ride, if you have enough money (and not a little). It's about just buying back the sleeping car. As a rule, the seats in such cars are the least loaded. Moreover, in most cases they are distinguished by several times better service. Of course, this option will have to be the most expensive. This makes this method absolutely unacceptable (unfortunately) for the majority of Russian Railways passengers.

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"I take everything"

Everything for yourself. | Photo:

The easiest, but also the most expensive (in the context of tickets to a regular compartment) way is, of course, to buy all the seats. You can take at least all tickets for one person. The current order of Russian Railways allows this to be done. Of course, you will have to pay for each seat. This "trick" is most rationally done when you are traveling with your family or company and do not want someone to be "housed" in an empty seat. Moreover, when several acquaintances are traveling in a compartment, it is not so expensive to scatter an extra ticket for two or three.

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"Sly bolt"

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There is also one legal trick that can be used to save money when buying out the entire compartment. Tickets for additional empty seats can simply be returned before the trip. However, there are several nuances here. Firstly, in order to return tickets at full price, it is necessary that no more than 8 hours have passed since the moment of purchase. Secondly, there is no guarantee that no one will be put in the vacant seat after the delivery. This is especially true for popular destinations.

Also, you can save by buying a seat or a couple of seats for a ten-year-old child. In this case, the discount for a seat can be up to 65%.

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