Now you will know why the leak valve and faucets. Educational program on plumbing

  • Dec 24, 2019

For a complete understanding of the causes of leaks cranes, made close-up photos. I show and explain in detail why this is so. Many apartments are equipped with a valve head parts instead of ball valves are much less likely to occur. Cheap valve is usually set during the overhaul. Over time, they begin to take place because of the inferiority of its design.

Flipping to the right. The photo gate.
Flipping to the right. The photo gate.
Flipping to the right. The photo gate.
Flipping to the right. The photo gate.
Flipping to the right. The photo gate.
Head parts
Flipping to the right. The photo gate.

These valves have the stuffing box. In order to eliminate the leak, we need locksmiths. Stop the water in the riser, it is necessary to go down to the cellar. Sometimes on koryachkah and sometimes crawling, finding a riser and cut off the water (if you keep taps on the bed it happiness). Next up in the apartment and an operation to replace the tap Books.

Specially preserved b / u axle box to show you the cause of the failure. In this case, the clamp came off gum. In order to further disassemble, remove the retaining ring and pull rod. All photos in the gallery filled. Admire.

The reason leaks data head parts is the wear of rubber rings. Axle box body seal and stem leakage.

On that day, a new journal box mate spinning crane forgot to wrap it in its original position (open) and tried to screw. He almost succeeded, he broke new part.

The new axle box fell off the thread. But back to our gaskets. Let us compare the new and the old stem.

Visible big wear.


Valve with "lamb" frequently do not open and close in order to prevent oxidation. The more often you are exposed to it the better preserved seals and the more they are used. Diametrically opposite situation with ball valves. There's often necessary to open and close them.

Cranes of this type you proceed? To reduce leakage need to tighten the thumbscrew until the end and watch. If the droplets are smaller oozes, leave the tap in such a position, if not, spinning cock looking position with minimal leakage, then you must substitute posudku. Flow might stop eventually. But in any case, you should call the locksmith. This work is mainly carried out "free" by the management company.

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Thanks for attention. I hope you have been interesting plumbing work. 👍