Cutting mat. To take or not to take?

  • Dec 17, 2020

You probably already noticed that I record my last videos against the background of a green rug? This is a cutting mat or as it is also called a cutting mat. It is about him that I want to talk today.

I have long wanted to get myself this wonderful little thing, but somehow I put it off. And here, for the new year, my wife gave me this rug! I was very happy and satisfied! I used to cut on glass, which was very inconvenient, everything slipped on it. Now cutting is a pleasure!

The size of my rug is 45 by 60 centimeters - this is the A2 format. I think this is the most convenient size for needlework. The A1 format is too large and will hang from the table, and the A4 format is nothing at all, painfully small! The rug has markings on both sides, which is also very convenient.

This is a three-layer, self-healing rug. It consists of three layers, along the edges something like hard rubber, and in the center like plastic. And self-healing - this means that after cutting, the scratch heals itself. This is really cool!

This rug was purchased at a price of around 1000 rubles. In general, the rug is very comfortable and pleasant to work with. Also, which is not unimportant for me, since I record video tutorials, everything is very clearly visible on it and there is no glare from the lamp.

I will not delay the review. Definitely, friends, no doubt get yourself such a cutting mat, you will not regret it.