Diana's kitchen (42 photos): video instructions for DIY installation, features of this kitchen set, price, photo

  • Dec 19, 2020
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  • 1 What materials is this kitchen made of, its equipment and varieties
    • 1.1 Equipment
    • 1.2 Distinctive characteristics of the lineup
  • 2 Conclusion

Choosing kitchen sets, we try to make them have a wide range of all kinds of indicators that would determine several necessary operating criteria.

For example,

  • Functionality;
  • Convenience;
  • Wear resistance of facades;
  • The beauty;
  • And so on.
Diana - high quality kitchens

Diana - high quality kitchens

In the modern kitchen furniture market, finding something suitable today is very difficult. The thing is that manufacturing companies filled it up with their products, offering both budget options and expensive ones.

I would not like to advertise this or that model or brand, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But among the huge number of models, we note Diana kitchens, which are made in a classic style.

Say what you like, but the classics are always in fashion, always popular and always in demand. And connoisseurs of the ageless classic style today give their preference among kitchen sets to the brand "Diana".

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Ask why? Because the Diana kitchen set is a kind of symbiosis of elegance, pompous aristocracy, high quality characteristics and incredible functionality.

Diana - classic kitchen set

Diana - classic kitchen set

In addition, it should be noted that this furniture is specially added with various accessories and decorative additions that distinguish it from all other models (photo above). For example, carved balustrades and cornices, graceful stained glass windows and fittings. All this as a whole makes the kitchen somehow unique, and one might even say exclusive.

What materials is this kitchen made of, its equipment and varieties

  • All external elements are made of MDF (kitchen fronts, frieze, cornice, balustrades and columns). The MDF surface is protected by PVC foil, which gives the headset color.
    In this case, Diana Kitchen benefits from the fact that polyvinyl chloride film is today considered the most effective coating that does not require special care.
  • Internal and external parts of the headset body are made of laminated chipboard in the color of the facades. Partitions are made of chipboard 16 mm thick with edges of 0.4 and 2.0 mm, treated with PVC coating. And this allows you to increase the service life several times.

To protect chipboard parts from the negative effects of temperature and humidity changes, as well as from mechanical stress and light exposure, a special polymer is added to the protective composition - melanin.

Kitchen set "Diana-2"

Kitchen set "Diana-2"

  • Kitchen countertops headsets are made of Postforming (plate thickness 28 millimeters) with the obligatory installation of a plastic edge and baseboards.
  • All pedestal tables are equipped with special adjusting legs, with the help of which you can not only level the furniture, but also raise it to a height convenient for you.
  • For everyone facades for the kitchen usually the fittings in the form of a knob are installed This small dotted design lends the wardrobes a classic elegance.
  • Some models are complemented by stained glass inserts and elegant grilles, which make the furniture look not like the classics, but this does not prevent it from being classic.


The standard kitchen set Diana is a set of twenty three pieces. It is possible to select only the necessary elements from the entire set and assemble a kitchen set exactly to the size of the room. This is where you need not only mathematical positioning accuracy, but imagination as well. Choose something of your own from this number, you need to imagine where and what will be installed with greater benefit.

Kitchen furniture "Diana-4"

Kitchen furniture "Diana-4"

It should also be noted that this model of kitchen furniture is equipped with sinks. And when buying, you will have to make a choice, which sink to install - a mortise or an invoice. Installation of both sinks is a simple process, and it will be quite easy for you to do it yourself. By the way, the instruction is usually attached.

Distinctive characteristics of the lineup

Currently, manufacturers have begun to manufacture Diana kitchens for specific needs of consumers. Say what you like, but the possibility of installing certain household appliances currently plays an important role in the process of choosing a particular model.

For example:

  • Model "Diana-5" has an open shelf for a microwave oven.
  • The Diana-2 model will give you the opportunity to install a washing machine, a niche has been specially made for it.
  • Model "Diana-4" will help you to place glasses, for this it is equipped with a special rack.

That is, everyone will find the necessary option for themselves that will satisfy all your needs and wishes.

Kitchen "Diana-5" - presentable appearance and high quality

Kitchen "Diana-5" - presentable appearance and high quality

The Diana kitchen set is completed with fittings and various mechanisms (closers, roll-out mechanisms, shelves, etc.) only from German and Austrian manufacturers.
Plus, the furniture itself is made on modern high-precision German equipment. And this is a guarantee of high quality.


On this page of our site, we have specially posted a video in which you can see almost the entire range of this kitchen. The price of each model will be different, because everything will depend on the number of assembled elements. But, as mentioned above, you can assemble a headset that not only fits exactly into the room, but also does not become a burden for the family budget. See and choose.


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