How to choose a kitchen faucet correctly: DIY video instructions for choosing, which one is better, price, photo

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Selection algorithm
  • 2 Main characteristics of mixers
    • 2.1 Design features
    • 2.2 Materials
    • 2.3 Additional functions
  • 3 Choice by design and manufacturer
  • 4 Conclusion

It is enough to go to a large plumbing store to make your head spin from the unimaginable amount of equipment offered. How to deal with this abundance? How to choose a faucet for the kitchen, so as not to regret your choice in the coming months after installation?

In fact, if you clearly know the requirements for quality, functionality and convenience, if you have determined for yourself the amount that you are ready to spend, then you will not have problems with which mixer to choose for the kitchen.

The larger the assortment, the more difficult the choice

The larger the assortment, the more difficult the choice

Selection algorithm

Any product is selected according to the principle: exclude the unambiguously inappropriate, and then study the characteristics of what is left. Moreover, you need to exclude in stages.

We offer you the following algorithm that works almost flawlessly.

  1. If the budget for a mixer is limited or you are simply not ready to shell out 20-30 thousand for it, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the price
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    . The search circle will immediately narrow several times.

Council. As you know, quality things are never cheap, so the most budget models should not be considered either.

  1. Appearance. Your kitchen has a certain style that needs to be maintained even in the smallest detail. Therefore, before choosing a faucet for the kitchen, think about how it should look so as not to violate the integrity of the interior. All not suitable - back to the counter.
Sink and faucet look like one

Sink and faucet look like one

  1. Convenience. Here to each his own: someone is used to a traditional two-valve tap and cannot adapt to adjust the pressure and temperature of the water with one lever.
    And to someone it seems extremely uncomfortable. That is, the number of options is again reduced by at least half.
  2. Additional functions. Despite the seeming simplicity of this plumbing fixture, it may have some pretty useful features that you might find useful.
    More specifically, we will tell you about them below and even show a photo, and you will think whether you need them.

How many options do you think you have left after you put aside all the devices that don't meet your needs? Believe me, very little.

Main characteristics of mixers

Now you can talk more specifically about those requirements for a plumbing fixture that may be important to you.

Design features

When deciding which kitchen faucet to choose, we first of all pay attention to the principle of its control, which depends on the design.

  • The simplest and most familiar is two-valve. The spout is located between two taps that regulate the supply of cold and hot water.
    The main advantage of such a mixer is its low cost, the main disadvantage is the quick wear of gaskets and other components. As a result, rather rapid wear. Although you can change the gaskets with your own hands, returning the device to work.
Traditional model with two valves

Traditional model with two valves

  • Single-lever design is more reliable, practical and durable. And, in the opinion of many, it is more convenient, since it allows you to adjust the pressure and temperature of the water with one hand or even one finger.
    Hands are rarely clean during cooking, so this opportunity is very useful.
  • The most modern (and most expensive) faucets are controlled by an electronic sensor built into into its body or the body of the sink - it is enough to bring your hand to it so that water of a given temperature.
No valves or levers - just touch the body

No valves or levers - just touch the body

It is also worth considering which shape and height of the spout will be the most convenient for you. Here you need to proceed from practical considerations.

It is clear that a low-positioned faucet will interfere with washing large-sized dishes or drawing water into them. And too high, especially with good pressure, will provide splashes far beyond the sink. Therefore, it is better to choose something in between.

Council. Before choosing a kitchen mixer, decide on the type, shape and size of the sink.
It is good if they match each other in color and style, but the matching of the parameters is even more important: the water from the tap should flow approximately in the middle of the bowl.


The quality of any product depends on what material it is made of. If we talk about choosing a faucet for the kitchen, then there are not so many options: these are ceramics, metal alloys and plastic.

And the appearance of these devices is determined by the type of coating.

  • Plastic. The most inexpensive material, lightweight and strong enough, neutral in relation to water and detergents, resistant to high temperatures. But the service life of plastic faucets is the shortest.
  • Ceramics. With the advent kitchen stone countertops and their owners do not even think about which mixer for the kitchen to choose - ceramic, and even matched in color looks better than others in this company.
    But, unfortunately, ceramics is a rather fragile material that, with frequent and active use, quickly deteriorates.
Ceramic mixer

Ceramic mixer

  • Metal alloys. For the production of budget mixers, an aluminum-silicon alloy - silumin is most often used. More reliable, strong and durable products are made of brass and bronze. They can be recommended to those who value quality the most.

And a few words about the outer coating. It can be stainless steel, enamel or chrome plating. The most impractical is the enamel coating: chips and scratches quickly form on it.

Additional functions

The best is not the enemy of the good. No matter how convenient the mixer you choose, some useful and convenient functions will not be superfluous.

Watch a video on this topic, and you yourself will understand everything.

  • Watering can-shower. The mixer nozzle is equipped with such a watering can, which allows you to gently wash berries, fruits, delicate greens. When this is not necessary, you can easily switch to normal water supply.
  • Pull-out spout. This is a hose hidden in the spout, which extends from it to a sufficiently large distance, up to 120-150 cm. Kitchen faucet with pull-out spout very handy for filling large containers or pans on the stovetop.
Washing the kitchen sink with such a device will also be much easier.

Washing the kitchen sink with such a device will also be much easier.

  • Built-in filter. This feature will especially interest those who are deciding how to choose kitchen faucets for plain and purified water.
    Instead of two separate taps, for each of which you need its own hole in the sink, you get one, but with two spouts - for plain and filtered water.
Mixer with built-in filtration system

Mixer with built-in filtration system

For reference. The built-in filter usually consists of a membrane that traps lime and large impurities, and a carbon filter that absorbs chemicals dissolved in water.

Choice by design and manufacturer

“By eye” it is difficult to determine the quality and reliability of plumbing fixtures, and even the high cost does not always guarantee their long service life and preservation of their attractive original appearance.

But the following short guide will help you reduce the risk of error.

  1. Make such purchases only in large, reputable hardware stores or brand showrooms.
  2. Pay attention to price, warranty period, availability of instructions for installation and operation of a kitchen mixer.
  3. Choose products from well-known, well-established brands. Their cost will pay off with a long term and ease of use.

For reference. Grohe, Hansgrohe, Carlo Frattini, Zucchetti, Hansa enjoy an excellent reputation among manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Finally, design is not the least important factor in choosing a mixer. These devices are available in different styles: retro, classic, modern techno.

It is not at all necessary for a country kitchen to look after only two-valve models - single-lever models can also look according to this style

It is not at all necessary for a country kitchen to look after only two-valve models - single-lever models can also look according to this style


Knowing how to choose the right kitchen faucet can help you go looking for it with confidence. Do not rush, do not buy the most suitable from the offered assortment. It is better to place an order from the catalog and wait a bit than regret your choice later.

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