Kitchen design in brezhnevka (36 photos)

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Choice of colors and furniture
    • 1.1 Features of the design of the kitchen in brezhnevka
  • 2 Conclusion

An apartment in Brezhnevka is a rather small-sized housing. The kitchens in such apartments are small, so in terms of creativity there is not too much to turn around.

True, high ceilings provide some possibilities. But, no matter what, we all strive to have a beautiful and comfortable kitchen.

kitchen design in brezhnevka

Arrangement of a small kitchen in brezhnevka

In this article, we offer professional advice that will help you to rationally divide the limited space in brezhnevka and use the interior items functionally.

This will help you transform your small kitchen into a cozy multifunctional space that will bring joy and satisfaction.

kitchen for brezhnevka

Redevelopment of brezhnevka in the studio

If you are the owner of a one-room apartment, you may need to redevelop the kitchen in brezhnevka, in order to create a single space.

That is, you will have a spacious studio - the apartment you have always dreamed of.

Note! Before you start repairing the kitchen in brezhnevka and any reconstruction work, you need to make sure that the walls that need to be removed are not load-bearing.

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Any design changes are carried out after receiving the expert opinion. You also need to obtain permission from the relevant services.

Choice of colors and furniture

kitchen for brezhnevka

Visual extension of a small kitchen with a mirror

Due to the fact that the kitchens are in a small area, the main task is to visually expand the space.

This can be accomplished with a few tricks:

  • correctly selected color spectrum - these are mainly light colors;
  • mirrors and glossy surfaces, these nuances are used both in the choice of kitchen for brezhnevka, and in the selection of finishing surfaces;
  • literate lighting in combination with the above points will help to achieve the required visual effect.

Serious attention should be paid to how you arrange your kitchen furniture, sink and household appliances. You may need to transfer communications. There is no need to be afraid of this.

Most of the preparatory work can be done by hand. The main thing to remember is that all your expenses will pay off, because as a result, the kitchen will become the soul of the apartment and a favorite place for all family members.

brezhnevka kitchen design

Photo of a corner kitchen with a sink by the window

The kitchen for brezhnevka should be small, as space is limited. You can use non-standard shapes.

If the layout allows, the best option is a corner kitchen.

It is very functional, practical and ergonomic and makes it possible to use the area to the maximum.

For better space utilization, the space under the oven can be converted into a pull-out drawer for storing baking dishes.

Household appliances fit easily into the lower part of the kitchen. It can be hidden behind a beautiful furniture façade or left open.

The sink can be installed to the left or to the right of the corner; an electric kettle, coffee maker or toaster can be placed in the vacant space.

kitchen in brezhnevka with gas water heater

The elegant style of a modern small kitchen

Tidy closed cabinets in the corner give your small kitchen a complete look. If you provide a built-in hood, it is quite possible to make an additional cabinet above it.

This will maximize the use of free space. And the extra storage space won't hurt anyone.

Note! As an apron in the kitchen in brezhnevka, you can use not only tiles, but also a wall panel. It is easy to install and perfectly hides the imperfections of the walls.

It is better to choose the color of the panel to match the countertop. This will visually enlarge the workspace.

The color of the kitchen furniture is best to contrast with the color scheme of the finish. For example, a light apron can be interspersed with a contrasting dark color to match the furniture.

Then the general background of the kitchen will be light, and such interior elements as furniture and accessories in a different contrasting color.

The video posted on this page will show interesting design options for small kitchens in brezhnevka.

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Features of the design of the kitchen in brezhnevka

redevelopment of the kitchen in brezhnevka

Nice kitchen in brezhnevka with a gas water heater

The design of the brezhnevka kitchen, like any other kitchen, includes a number of features:

  1. Thanks to the high ceilings in such kitchens, you can make multi-level plasterboard ceilings. With their help, it is easy to divide the room into different zones, make built-in lighting that will help to visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen.
  1. A good option for finishing can be a mirrored stretch ceiling. It will hide all the flaws of the base and looks very stylish and beautiful.
  1. Those for whom the price of the previous options seems high can be advised to trim the ceiling with PVC panels. Their shade should be slightly lighter than the flooring.
  1. It is desirable that the flooring, as well as the walls, be light and glossy. For this, tiles or laminate are suitable.
  1. The walls can be decorated with light wallpaper or painted.
  1. A brezhnevka kitchen by design and layout can be linear or angular. The table can be positioned against the opposite wall or in the center. It is best if it is round or oval and folds flat.
  1. As for the curtains for the kitchen, they should be made of light, transparent fabrics. It is better to choose a color beige, cream, milky or any other shade of white.
  1. It is better to choose a light upholstery material for a kitchen sofa and chairs, without large patterns and patterns.
  1. Small, original decorative elements can be placed asymmetrically on the walls. They will distract attention from the size of the kitchen.
kitchen renovation in brezhnevka

White kitchen with glossy surfaces

  1. To use the mirror effect, you can choose glossy surfaces for kitchen cabinet doors or an apron.
  1. Chandelier reflections will also help to visually enlarge the space of a small kitchen.
  1. It is better not to use large accessories, large vases or bouquets in a small brezhnevka.
  1. If you have a high-quality hood, you can remove the doors to the kitchen or replace them with glass or sliding ones.

The above instructions will help you expand the kitchen space, make it bright and joyful.

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Using our advice, you can beautifully and functionally decorate your even the smallest kitchen in brezhnevka.

Design ideas for a small kitchen - see here.

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